Oh man, we have the best massage guy!! My brother discovered him at a night market giving 15 minutes of massage for $15. what a deal! This is hubby getting his back healed the hard way. believe me it’s a deep tissue massage.. you are very bruised and battered for a couple days afterward… but it’s so worth it! hubby’s back was taking sharp right turns before a massage put him back in place. the last time we were there i gave him some extra money and asked him for more, and he lit some incense and burned my back repeatedly with the tip, shockingly enuff this helped..

14 thoughts on “Back Massage

  1. Never had a massage, don’t know if I would feel better after being bruised and battered. I can have my wife do that to me, just kidding. Very interesting Elaine, great capture and nice composition.

  2. I like the back lighting… The blazingly bright light coming from the corner makes the whole thing looks sorta sureal.Does he still charge 15 bucks at his office???

  3. Is that the same carpet as in the previous pic??The bright white light provides a nice background for the picture. Nicely captured… I would like one of those massages too though. 🙂

  4. I could use a massage!!Check out my “Beautiful” post!! I got some hummingbirds, some rain and a slide show of fungi/mushrooms that are awesome!!

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