we recycle cardboard

newsprint & dreams

here on the threshhold

of oblivion

fog drifts across the highway

the dark river mutters

dark heron laughs symbolically

we are the faces of canada

in disrepair

we are the missing pieces

of the puzzle

floracarbons in our lungs

a sour wind telling tales we disregard

dark heron conversing with the dour river

we are the remnants of hope

all in a tangle

not even bohemian

in our struggles

frost on the wind

steam swirling from rusting metalic vents

dark heron disappears in to icey fog

by Kenn Mitchell

26 thoughts on “The Factory

  1. This is a great shot – I really like it. I hate loafer type shoes (tassled or un-tassled) but these to the left of the boot even look appealing in this photo – Nice job.

  2. Great picture, really works in B/W. I think the us of flash to set the focus on the boots, gives it a little extra too. Looks like you got some big feet 😉

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