Willing to

Inch one’s way

Loosely through

Ladles of



Meters run out as

Suburbia worries,

Believing the


Reaches an end,

Revolving like doors

Only out

Unless in,


Holed up in bare

Sallow soupy flesh

by John Burroughs
a.k.a. Jesus Crisis

25 thoughts on “Suburbia..

  1. Yeh, I remember when we moved from the inner city to the burbs. I was in 7th grade, happy as a lark and we moved. Nice house and I hated the new school and never adjusted. It’s one of those dividers in my life. Your photo is a good picture of how I felt…I still feel it.

  2. Nice one Elaine. Somehow I have to agree with sherri, the sometimes caged effect of living in the suburbs can give you. It’s a dream, its close, but sometimes it can also make you feel caged. Mortages, responsibility, family, expectations.

  3. Nice metaphore of human being : we would like to do or to get something, but you cannot, you have to negotiate with yourself. We all have our own jail, except when we are dreaming (or making photos (;)) I like a lot this image. SwissCharles

  4. I love the colours in this image and a very creative idea to show the world outside through what I imagine is a screen of some description, lovely bokeh and light Elaine, well done my friend!

  5. Not a fan of the suburbs as I do tend to feel rather closed in and disconnected, but I suppose in some ways there is also a ‘safety net’ feel for others. I guess it’s all to do with choice. Great shot Elaine! The depth of field is perfect!

  6. Creative and thought provoking… I like it 🙂 Like the blurred outside too, like its something there, but not all is clear enough to make out what it is…

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