There was a little kitten,

And she did a little fishin’,

The fish, she dutifully rendered to her mother —

Who said, “Bake him in a pie,

For his flavor’s very high,

Or confer him on the poor, if you’d rather.”

~ Mark Twain ~

27 thoughts on “Time to Fish

  1. I love your website El, it looks so professional!!!! What a wonderful nostalgic image… it looks like fishing time indeed (he is so cute that little cat)! Nice light and composition!

  2. very creative, you just happen to have that funny looking cat figurine lying around and now see what you got.. lol! love the lighting and the poem / excerpt is very, very fitting.. 😀 great shot! 🙂

  3. Wonderful sense of balance. The black numbers on the clock face..and the black dots on the cat are simply perfect together. Very creative. Love this!

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