How insidious and lamentable the vast factory’s pollution

and overpopulation disaster more disastrous

than all the dead in every human war!

How clear it becomes to us then

that no one should have to be a slave!

From Antler: The Selected Poems

34 comments on “Venting”

  1. The structure is very ominous and prison-like and fitting for a statement on industrial pollution. I like the gritty feel of your processing and the strong composition.

  2. I find this to be a very striking image – the post processing certainly adds to the mystique of the shot!

  3. Nice work on this one Elaine. The angles and lines are quite interesting along with the smoothness of the smoke. I love the grain the DP1 produces at ISO800 too.

  4. étrange. mais très belle photo

  5. Nice shot Elaine, what do they make in there, love the processing on this one.. Les xx

  6. Great processing. The lines really talk to me. The tones of the steam/smoke is just right!Wicked 😉

  7. Very moody, I like it!

  8. Like the geometry in this one, great bw

  9. Very cool image Elaine!Interesting texture, tones, grain – great the post processing!Bravo!

  10. I like the composition very much. Perfect proportions! (and I’m not saying this to provoke a ‘thank you email’) lol :)))

  11. great se of lines, nice BW, I like the poem too.

  12. nice gritty feel to this one Elaine, and you have found a great angle

  13. Wonderful poem to accompany this image. Ominous and dark…forecasting doom!

  14. too reminiscent of my previous employment for comfort, but i like the strong composition here.

  15. Tu denuncia es muy lógica y la fotografía original y bien tratada!te felicitoNúria

  16. This simple image makes a powerful statement especially when combined with those lyrics. Well done.

  17. Superbe perspective, et atmosphère originale !

  18. Urban and industrial, almost like something for some futuristic movie. Shame it’s what’s happening here and now.

  19. I really dig this black and white. I am a huge fan of lines and there are tons here 😉

  20. Un joli ton de gris.

  21. Exceptional capture and very fitting words.

  22. love your words. very fitting on the image. 😀

  23. Wow!! Awesome!! The composition and mood is spot on!!

  24. Looks almost prison like. It is a very dreary and depressing scene. Amazing processing on this too!

  25. I love this one, nasty as possible, but so beautiful Great shot SwissCharles

  26. love the graphics, Elaine! the leading lines, the moody clouds are just perfect. and again, the processing adds another dimension!! great work here!

  27. title suits this shot well.. 🙂 nice processing too.. the details really came out here.. 😀

  28. wonderful B&W work, wonderfully composedm the smoke gives me the impression its some sort of factory or something but it has an ominous feel which is real cool

  29. Horrible, the cold high walls, the smoke and the tone reminds us of the reality. Excellent shot and processing.

  30. The presentation here is defentively according to what comes out, gritty and a bit grainy, depressing but excellent presented. Can almost feel the pollution pouring out.

  31. Looks like the sky here today except ours wasn’t pollution, it was storm clouds!! Another great shot!! I love your view of it all. It’s very ominous, much like the pollution it’s creating.

  32. I like the framing and the tonal range very much

  33. Amazing image Elaine!! I love this, the lines, grain and of course the smoke that inter-mingles with the clouds. Your choice of tones are killer!

  34. great! reminds me of eraserhead..

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