No Name

Have you ever noticed how we compartmentalize our lives, separating the years into distinctive blocks of time with concrete beginnings and endings. At first, all the blocks are separated by our age, or school grade. Then by the major life events….marriage, birth of a child, death of a parent. Gradually, the beginnings and endings of our blocks become more subtle and we usually don’t mark them as beginnings or endings till years after they occurred.

Sometimes, very rarely, and usually with nothing but a feeling, we know the minute we open our eyes that everything has changed.

by Steve the Trailer Park Sage

30 comments on “No Name”

  1. You choose such nice words with your photos. The flower beds are so pretty in this.:-)

  2. Hey there girl, how you doing? Nice to be back on your page, a lovely treatment of this image makes it feel like it is a painting or almost colours, very different and I really like it, love the colours! Well done!

  3. Love this photo!! It’s a great angle and you catch so much with this shot. You always have an interesting perspective.

  4. une joli composition, j’aime bien les couleurs !

  5. Nice contrast and colours and composition too!

  6. quel joli angle tu as choisi

  7. Great angle, good composition

  8. “When you dream there are no rules. People can fly. Anything can happen. Sometimes there’s a moment as you’re waking and you become aware of the real world around you, but you are still dreaming. You may think you can fly but you better not try.”- KaliforniaNice work Elaine

  9. Wow very unique processing for this one. I like all of the colors and the quote was really good that you used too!

  10. It looks like the prospect of the nextdoor neighbour seen from our it!

  11. interesting processing Elaine. nice! 🙂

  12. A fine composition, nicely processed. I also enjoyed the words of your commentary.

  13. Wonderful quote..and so very true.Love your composition here. So simple and nice.

  14. I like it! Nicely processed and interesting perspective!

  15. I sense a bit of irony with this image. I like it, you have such a great sense of composition, did you learn it? (I’m only asking as I want to force a ‘thankyousomuchforvisitingmyblogIreallyappreciateyourkindcomments’ kind of email :)))

  16. Superbe chalet qui pousse dans les fleurs !!!

  17. you said it.. if only i could just gallivant around the world taking pictures and photoblogging about it then i’d be pretty much set.. but then, i’d have to want something again.. aargh.. it never ends.. lol! nice processing, it does look like a painting.. 🙂

  18. You always have great processing on your images. I like the composition on this one as well. Kind of feel like you are in a secluded area.

  19. Well composed shot full of color. ( your house?)Thanks so much on you support on the 1940’s series. Les xx

  20. I’m glad someone else sees that about their life. I wrote similar thoughts not long ago and wondered if other people do that. Love your capture. Nice saturation of color.

  21. nice image – I like the contrast and the colors

  22. I like the angle and color in this shot. Nice work.

  23. Love the quote. Really rings true. I like the framing in the photo as well. You’ve made the ordinary interesting here.

  24. The excellent treatment makes this image flying in our mind, remembering a lot of past things … don’t let me start ;-)SwissCharles

  25. I really like the ‘printed’ color effect here, and also the angle, very nice shot Elaine.Maybe as we age we take each day as it comes….

  26. Sure u had fun playing around with the orginal image….

  27. Don’t know what you have done in the processing of this, but I like it 🙂 Almost like a printer low on ink, streaking a bit. The horisontal noise lines makes the house more interesting. Nice colors on the flowerbed along with the view to the other house is also nice. Well done

  28. what thought provoking words you chose to go with this, very true lovely cpature, nicesplashes of color

  29. Nice colorful ground-cover. I want to move here.

  30. I really like the angle your have chosen, and of course depth of field!

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