Kiss Kiss

That kiss, that kiss

That childlike kiss

That pecky on the cheek kiss

That I am here kiss

That who the hell cares kiss

That kiss, that kiss I miss

David Keig

28 comments on “Kiss Kiss”

  1. sympa le traitement de ces levres !

  2. original composition, like the light and the noise

  3. I think I’m aroused…

  4. Miss Monet. Dreamy, grainy, your trademark. Excellent tones Elaine 🙂

  5. Love the grain in this Elaine, it gives it an old film feel, nice lips lovey… I gather they are yours? Oh and right back at ya :o)

  6. Hello. Found Your blog through Kristian’s and went through your archives. Lot’s of great work, I must say. All the best.

  7. There’s a really pucker there. I like your original composition and finish.

  8. Super idea! Love the grain!

  9. Very different. In world where different is Good!. Nice idea & treatment

  10. Love the grainy dream-like effect. Very creative!!!!

  11. This is cool, really like it, the composition, the grainy effect… oh and don’t forget the vignette, all great. Well done 🙂

  12. Fantastic photo. I has an art like quality.:-)

  13. it does look like a painting.. great job! is this a self portrait? 🙂

  14. Great grain happening here, which gives it an aged feeling, retro, and perhaps even a tad of pop art in the composition. Nice one!

  15. Cool. Will there be a hug tomorrow?

  16. Bonjour,well done effect..Bravo!

  17. Oh! Nice art work and view. I like the composition. The noise add some artistic effect. Thanks.

  18. Ha very cool shot. I like all the grain in the photo it almost makes it seem like something you would see in a faded newspaper.

  19. Great pop art 🙂

  20. OK! But now I’ve got to clean my monitor. Fun shot.

  21. i love both,lips and shot!

  22. Nice lips. I like the grain and textures.

  23. nicely composed, artistic processing

  24. Pucker up!!! This is a fun image – makes me think of an old movie or something…

  25. Great shot Elaine, like the grain, it enhances the picture. Very creative work, lovely composition.

  26. This is such a clever and beautiful self portrait. Well done:-)

  27. beautiful image and great effect

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