This image is for Kylie’s Caturday! I don’t own a cat, but this one happened to cross my path one morning when i was out shooting at 6 am.. is it GOOD luck when a white cat crosses your path? must be…

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  1. Well isn’t that a cute little cat, *he looks somewhat disgrunteled though…I like the processing here, almost like a painting, very nice.

  2. The cat really pops out of the image. The eyes are so blue too.

  3. Awh….how beautiful, Elaine. What cats are so beautiful and the blue eyes are gorgeous. I’m glad you’re in on Caturday:-)

  4. Very cool looking cat, happy Caturday!

  5. It must be good luck my friend, and look at the way this little one is looking at you… so intense, like it is trying to smile very hard ;o)… beautiful colours, I love it, thank you so much for participating in the challenge and HAPPY CATURDAY my friend!

  6. Nice cat with incredibly beautiful eyes. Very good picture

  7. I wish we had a white cat. We do have a white rabbit 🙂 I like the darkness around the main image, it makes it ‘pop’

  8. I love you! Great eyes! Happy caturday!

  9. If a black cat is bad luck, this fluffy white one most bring you luck!

  10. Very nice work here, i like how it almost looks like it was painted.

  11. White cat in natural (green) surroundings. Excellent frame and cat’s glance. Beautiful!

  12. The cat looks engaging. For sure, it’s a good sign 😉 The contrast white/green is stunning. I like this cat.SwissCharles

  13. happy caturday Elaine! what a beautiful and intense cat here! lovely mid-hair length — and a wonderful shag! looks like he is up to no good there in the garden! you must have caught him getting into something! 😉 faabulous shot!

  14. great capture and processing as others have said he is popping out of the shot, Looks like a real character, not to happy with being photographed

  15. She certainly has beautiful blue eyes. I like your individual sense of processing.

  16. Such stunning blue eyes! Lovely.

  17. Elaine, this is truly wonderful! Indeed I think it must be good luck for a white cat to cross your path…I hope that it came your way! I know that by you posting this photo for all of us to see, luck was on our side too! Very cool!

  18. white cat, black cat.. i haven’t thought of that.. well, i hope it does give you good luck.. 🙂 that’s a surly li’l cat though.. but he’s white as a snowball.. 🙂

  19. Great capture!

  20. beautiful blue-eyed cat. as long as the cat didn’t trip you up I’m sure it’s good luck. (I have a black cat and think that they get their reputation for bad luck because he is forever running in front of me to trip me up! 🙂

  21. Mittens – This one looks like it’s about to pounce you. Great detail in the eyes. Cool stuff 🙂

  22. Pissed off blue eyed cat 😀 nice capture 🙂

  23. He looks familiar. He also looks like he has a serious issue with you taking his photo. Maybe he’s in the kitty witness protection program. Seriously, though, this is a striking image!

  24. Pretty white with Blue eyes, she has found a nice little spot there.

  25. Fantastic blue eyes. So pure & white.:-)

  26. great contrast!

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