A ferocious beast

An owner of humans

A killer of toilet paper

She sometimes kills tissues, too

The queen of the house

Demands respect



Andy Walker, age 14

26 comments on “Pique”

  1. Cute poem…love the capture. They work their way into our hearts.

  2. Andy Walker is adorable. She reminds me very much of my little Pomeranian, who is the King of our home. Andy’s face is ADORABLE.

  3. excellent ce regard!

  4. lol, funny shot!

  5. Love the eyes just on the table. All dog-hood is there (mine is doing the same 😉 SwissCharles

  6. cute little friend! looks like a little bit scared… maybe he likes to jump above the surface !

  7. I know you must really feel safe with super dog guarding the house.

  8. Funny.

  9. I love it! Sweet image Elaine! Excellent colouring. I be delighted!

  10. i can see you, haha funny

  11. oh dear!! the poor doll! was he jumping up and down? a slightly disconcerting shot though — i feel like something ominous might happen at any moment! wow! 😉

  12. peekaboo… I can see you! The expression is priceless :o)

  13. arf arf – looks like she don’t want to be left out

  14. Hello 😉

  15. It’s looking at you with such curiosity.:-)

  16. Love the grainy effect here. Sweet pup…and love the accompanying poem.

  17. owner of humans is right! Great poem to go with this picture

  18. Awww…I’m shaking in my boots 😉

  19. I like this image a lot – very nice moment

  20. I betcha he’s hard to catch with a camera.

  21. ha looks like he is jumping up and down trying to get attention! Very cute!

  22. love him just peaking over the couch(Iguess thats what it is)cute poem so fits this shot

  23. Lovely capture, looks like he shes about to jump up. Great.

  24. Funny shot ! excellent

  25. Although these pictures have not high quality, it certainly adds value to your blog. makes it personal and nice to visit.Lovely!

  26. He should meet my cats. One of them attacks the toilet paper, not often but often enough and I don’t which one it is so I just glare at both of them. They don’t seem to care.

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