Date Night


Author: Brenda Sparkman

There is something special that you and I do,

we try to make sure we reserve time for just me and you.

It is referred to as our date night and it is plain to see,

that we really dont want or need any company.

27 comments on “Date Night”

  1. For some reason he doesn’t look too happy…I like the effect with the over exposure on the one side.

  2. It’s very nice of you to share your date night:-) The stained glass lighting in the background adds good color to this photo.:-)

  3. So kind of you to share your date night, but as Britton says, he doesn’t look too happy, tired of waiting for the food? Anyway I like the overexposed on one side look too. Very nice, now go give him a hug to make him smile 🙂

  4. awww… so sweet of you to share with us your date night. 🙂 nice processing. 🙂

  5. un portrait comme je les aime

  6. I love the bright light, it gives a dynamic and peaceful nice portrait. SwissCharles

  7. Nice one Elaine. Looks kinda dreamy I think with all the highlights. Hope you had a nice date.

  8. nice portrait, i like the light

  9. a gorgeous portrait Elaine — the light is incredible!! the color is intriguing almost surreal! this is definitely a powerful shot albeit, subtle — superb work here — bravo!!

  10. A lovely natural portrait, he has great eyes, and they are only for you! Hope you had a great date night!

  11. Maybe he didn’t want hie photo taken…?Lovely shot Elaine, I like the blooming/glow of the highlights.

  12. i totally get what this is.. this is elaine’s first person account of her date.. that’s why the image is so dreamy.. it’s because she’s so woozily in luv.. 😉

  13. I really like this one, a slice from life. The light and shadows are delightful. Nice work – and I trust you had a great evening!

  14. Is that Mr Totallylikeme? Do you always look at him with a glow around? 🙂

  15. Very good window lit portrait and you have managed to capture His cuteness. You just want to reach across the table and pinch His cheek. 🙂

  16. Cool lighting. He seems to glow…

  17. all these highlight look so great because they add purity and candour to the portrait. that’s smart personality !

  18. Very bautiful portrait!

  19. Sweet tribute to you and your hubbie. Very nice!

  20. nice portrait–i really like the high contrast that you’ve done here as well; adds a certain energy to the scene

  21. I like the faded effect in this shot. Nice portrait.

  22. Great portrait!

  23. Fantastic light Elaine! I love the slightly blown out white light with a glowing feel. The colour seems almost secondary, but bits of colour pick up nicely and I like that. Beautiful work 🙂

  24. so sweet indeed to share a date night shot, I like the lighting, but I get the feeling he is about as comfortable as i am with having his photo taken

  25. He needs a beer.

  26. How lovely. We have date night too even if sometimes it’s just a movie at home.

  27. Oh I wish we had date night. Come to think of it why don’t we have date night? Yeah, we should do that.

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