Author: Brenda Sparkman

There is something special that you and I do,

we try to make sure we reserve time for just me and you.

It is referred to as our date night and it is plain to see,

that we really dont want or need any company.

27 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. So kind of you to share your date night, but as Britton says, he doesn’t look too happy, tired of waiting for the food? Anyway I like the overexposed on one side look too. Very nice, now go give him a hug to make him smile 🙂

  2. a gorgeous portrait Elaine — the light is incredible!! the color is intriguing almost surreal! this is definitely a powerful shot albeit, subtle — superb work here — bravo!!

  3. i totally get what this is.. this is elaine’s first person account of her date.. that’s why the image is so dreamy.. it’s because she’s so woozily in luv.. 😉

  4. Fantastic light Elaine! I love the slightly blown out white light with a glowing feel. The colour seems almost secondary, but bits of colour pick up nicely and I like that. Beautiful work 🙂

  5. so sweet indeed to share a date night shot, I like the lighting, but I get the feeling he is about as comfortable as i am with having his photo taken

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