Poem by John Masters

Another thing I cant quite put into words

But I can show you what I am trying to say

I can show you how I mean it

I can show you how I feel it

I just have trouble sometimes

Putting these things into words.

How can I show you?

Through my lens, clear and correct

Through the lens my eye can see what it is I can’t quite put into words.

But I can show you…

and I will as long as you let me.

26 thoughts on “it’s hard out there…

  1. Interesting picture, like your composition and the use of light. Processing is great as usual, with the flower buds almost glowing in the otherwise gritty environment.Looks like someone left a pallet there too… :)Well done.

  2. ooh — i love this beautifully awkward display of life in a forlorn corner — delicate and strangely profound! a yearning for survival here! the edge of the palette is indeed captivating — and the gritty tones and textures remind me of earth — an excellent find and presentation!! faabulous!!!

  3. WOW, what an image!! The wall luminates the gentle flowers so beautifully, the forgotten crate in the corner gives it a nostalgic feel, and the tones set this off as a magnificent image, as do the words. Remarakable. Possibly my most favourite image of yours! Well done girl.

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