My ever faithful poodle, Crissy, used to love sitting on the back of the couch at my parents house when I still lived there. They had a huge picture window, and she loved to bark at the squirrels going by. Many years later when my husband and I moved off the boat we lived on, and back into a place with a huge picture window.. we put the couch right up against it, and I was so excited because I thought Crissy would love it, to be back in action again. But what I hadn’t considered was that my beloved dog was getting old, and when i put her on the back of the couch, and pointed out into the light, saying ‘what’s that, what’s that’ to Crissy, she just turned and jumped back down, and I realized that she couldn’t see. I don’t know who’s heart hurt more that day. Crissy died a couple years back, she was 20 years old. My new dog coco has taken up the position that was so painfully vacated.

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  1. What a sweetheart!

  2. Look at that sweet angel baby face. She’s so intent. 20 years is a long time for any pet to live…it’s also a long time to grow accustomed to it being there at your feet, on your lap…all the time. You can’t ever replace one with another one, but the next one always finds a new place in your heart…a special place. Love this capture:-)

  3. oh the dear!!! this is truly gorgeous!! what amazing light and color! spectacular!! bravo elaine!!! bravo!!!

  4. So adorable, excellent composition and lighting.

  5. Lovely story Elaine. I think this is a geat tribute to Crissy. I love Dogs and I have lost 4 in my life time. Lovely image. Well presented.

  6. A pretty image with lovely light and interesting processing. Certainly one of your best.

  7. you’re dog is too cute

  8. Love the candid shot of the puppy staring out the window. Great capture!

  9. magnifique portrait animalier.

  10. lovely work

  11. Wise dog’s marked with homesickness glance (probably for freedom?). Excellent frame and amaranth for window. And love it!

  12. This is a beautiful image. A favourite one. So poetic and also so well composed.

  13. Nice portrait, love the warm coloring given by the tree. SwissCharles

  14. Ohhh bless her, a sad story, but glad your new little girl is enjoying the view. This image has a feeling of waiting, like she is expecting someone home any minute… Ilove the flash of autumn tones on the tree I think it is. A wonderful image Elaine!

  15. Very nice! love theyh way shes looking so focused out of the window.. GReat light and composition. Nice color on the tree outside too 🙂

  16. great idea, creative work.

  17. 20 y/o!? wow.. that’s a long time for dogs, right? i like this photo.. it’s just so cute..

  18. Sad story but beautiful photo!

  19. Bonjour,Original treatment..Well done composition..Bravo!

  20. How sweet! Love her eyes and how the light falls on her. Great story too.

  21. awww… you almost made me cry Elaine! i love dogs, i absolutely adore them. Crissy lived a long life for 20 years. wow, that’ll be times 7 human years right? glad you found a new pup to ease the pain. this image is gorgeous. a perfect tribute to Crissy. 🙂

  22. I see Coco is checking out things looking for any bad guys lurking around. Sickem Coco. Wonderful window lit portrait!

  23. That’s a sad story, but 20 years is a great age, she dosen’t look like a poodle.

  24. Such a sentimental model shoot. Great lighting in deed

  25. beautiful treatment and a touching story. love is a wonderful thing, and there is nothing like the artless devotion of a faithful dog 🙂

  26. Ahhh, lovely capture! I really like this.

  27. Very sad. I’m sorry for your loss. You’ve photographed a wonderful expression here. She’s looking at something so intently. Nice splash of color through the window.

  28. What a sweet face and photo…sigh.

  29. What a cute dog! Looks like an awesome view with that colorful fall tree out the window!

  30. Incredibly moving both in thoughts and image.

  31. This is Awesome, with a capital A. Very intense and emotional shot 🙂

  32. Ahh, Miss Crissy…I miss her too. Coco makes a nice new chapter though.Is that a painting in the window? The colour really makes the shot.

  33. What a beautiful shot and a beautiful story to accompany it. Well done.

  34. Bonjour Elaine! I spent a pleasant moment in your blog. Your pictures are wonderful! Bravo et à bientôt!

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