While You Sleep

While You Sleep

Another year has come and another one gone

Just like the ship that sails alone

A gentle breeze blows and stirs me inside

Reviving my emotions with my own sense of pride

Laying in wait for the next perfect moment

Smiling at life while thinking of you

Listening so carefully to you while you sleep

Being ever so quiet; not making a peep

You bring to me happiness, strength, joy and love

My bright shining star sent from God above.

by Shirley A Parkerson

18 comments on “While You Sleep”

  1. Elaine, please be sure to check out my FRIDAY blog!!

  2. You know…it’s for this very reason, why I am single ;-)Cute shot Elaine, I hope the reaction you get from your model, is much more favourable that mine in the past!

  3. Nice words once again. It’s nice to know of couples who are still in love:-) Very touching shot.

  4. tu es le roi des portraits

  5. awww. is he sleeping again? Does he know you took a photo up his nose and posted it on the world wide web E? hahha, just joshin’, he looks so peaceful and the poem that goes with it so moving. A wonderful presentation!!!

  6. Great close up! Very dreamy!

  7. Note to self: If ever around Elaine don’t fall asleep. 🙂

  8. nooo why you alway post sleep shot, i’m envy ahah. seriously great close-up portrait

  9. Cool. Is he really sleeping or just posing for you? I mean I also wear glasses but never when I sleep lol 🙂

  10. Very nice! Love the poem that you’ve chosen to accompany this.

  11. Nice extreme close up with impact! Nice text as well.

  12. cool closeup! 🙂 i surely need some serious shuteye too.. 🙂

  13. Touching thoughts accompany your photo. He looks so tired:-( A good portrait of your sleeping sweetheart.:-)

  14. Lovely tones and a great treatment 🙂

  15. He is not sleeping, just listening the music 😉 Nice compos! SwissCharles

  16. Great closeup and nice processing here 🙂 So nice of him to pose for you too. lol.

  17. Great focus on the facial structure of this portrait and the expression is great!

  18. yes!!! the first shot from your new REBEL!!! yahoo!!! and a true beauty!! so, tell me — are you in love yet?? lol!!! 😀

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