I love HDR so much, especially for gray images like this one, I certainly hope it’s not going to be another fad, or if it is, i hope it will make a come back repeatedly.. It’s hard not to process every image that way, coz it’s soo cool…

24 comments on “Shack”

  1. Wow… totally random but superb image. Just tells somewhat of an engaging story just by looking at this shack! Nicely framed!

  2. Beautifully done. Lots of HDR shots are over done but this is excellent.

  3. It’s very good. I agree that it’s not overdone. Monochrome beauty.:-)

  4. One of the traps I see when going HDR is the over processing, thankfully you do not. Very nice HDR, like the symmetry outside and the chaos inside the shack in this. Very nice.

  5. Love the graphic simplicity…the pattern..the texture. Youve taken what could be very ordinary and created something extraordinary from it.

  6. Eleine! Super image! I agree with Marcie. Very goood work!

  7. I agree with Liang

  8. B/w in color, with and excellent composition, like the smooth aspectSwissCharles

  9. Your processing really elevates this image. Well done.

  10. Beautiful Elaine!The lines work so well and contrast each other in such perfection. I love the grunge of the wall, varying in tone. Cool image, me likes 🙂

  11. such a cool cpture with the horizontal and vertical lines and the little shack, wonderful processingHope your back gets better quickly

  12. It adds a depth, a new dimension to the simplest of images, and brings scenes to life, for me.Beautifully done

  13. Exceptional processing, Elaine. I wouldn’t have known it was HDR if you hadn’t told….and that’s a good thing:-)

  14. Great image Elaine. You certainly like to be creative and unique. Love the lines, patterns and textures in this one. Very well done!

  15. ouchie.. getting old? 🙂 actually, this processing is pretty cool.. it doesn’t scream out “HDR” as most HDR shots generally look.. nice work.. 🙂

  16. i love your processing — the color toning is just superb!! wonderful and wonderfully done — has a bit of a menacing feel to it. a lovely intrigue!

  17. This is extremely good!

  18. Great picture! Great composition and processing. Seems simple…

  19. I really like the concept of this shot, and also the processing is superb.

  20. Great job, I love the tones and the textures!

  21. Cool composition and processing. I love how the lines pull your eye around the scene.

  22. Composition is the thing that makes the difference. And it is so well done with that little yellow stripe on the bottom right

  23. Lovely textures Elaine, love the processing too 🙂

  24. Nicely framed and processed.

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