we see through a looking glass darkly

it’s good to squint and see the shine

I don’t know which i like better

incredible clarity, or when things don’t work out at all

both things speak to me

and i listen…

23 comments on “Blur”

  1. I agree so with your accompanying words, which fit so well with your photograph. I’ve had long debates with people over the years about what makes a great photograph, and I’ve been lambasted previously for seeing in images briliance that others do not see because it is not 14 megapixel sharp, not correctly composed, not straight on the horizon….Phooey I say! A great photograph to me can be taken on a throwaway camera, a brownie or the top dog Leica, it can be out of focus, off centre, it can break every rule in the photographic book, I don’t care.But as you say, I look, I listen, and if it speaks to me, then it has succeeded. Your excellent image sums my feelings up beautifully, all the information I need to know is in the frame, and it lets my mind play with the possibilities. Sorry to get on the old soap box, but you hit it on the head for me.Love the photograph for all those reasons

  2. I agree with FLOOG! You are the unconventional, splendid, perfect photographer. You beautifully see the world and so just you pass on him to the spectators. You are great Elaine… I adore Your works but you already know about this…:) Cheers!Bea

  3. different idea, different work 😉

  4. Blur applied so nicely here Elaine! Just so mysteriously looking, stunningly beautiful!

  5. It speaks, indeed. That’s what matters!

  6. Because it speaks to you…is what makes it special..beautiful and uniquely yours. Love the blurr. Most of life is like that…y’know????Both your words and image – excellent!

  7. Floog has said it better than I ever could, you words that go with this fit so well, superb post

  8. I must concur with Floog and the others. The thing about art, it’s subjective, and the only rule to follow is, there are no rules. So kudo’s to you 🙂

  9. lol, damn right, to hell with the rules, as long as you’re happy with what you have then everything’s good.. especially this one.. he’s still a cutie.. 😉

  10. I’m glad there are more of us that are more concerned of taking a picture, rather than checking that they fall within the 2/3 rule, in focus etc. I am a firm believer that if you think the picture is good, then it is a good picture, regardless how many “rules” it breaks. After all who are we taking picture for?This is a nice dreamy picture by the way, not quite focused,just like me at times… I like. 🙂

  11. I love the quote – I used to think images have to be crisp and “perfect” to be good, but am learning that sometimes the best image is the one that leaves room for the imagination to play. Like this one.

  12. You certainly avoided the cliche doggy shot. There is something very enchanting about it.

  13. I really like this one! It’s like looking at life thru a beautifully sheer fabric. It is soft, it is warm. It is where we all need to be sometimes. GREAT work!

  14. Blur works here, I think, because the colors are so clear, and the subject is so well known to the mind. Often the mind see what it expects to see 🙂 Cute puppy, nice image!

  15. The blur works great in this shot. You can still make out the features on the dog and tell how cute he is 🙂

  16. I agree with Bluechameleon, no rules is the only rule, then let’s the instinct go, lasciami, let things come by themselves and wait the right moment, this is art!SwissCharles

  17. Her super cuteness manages to transcend the blur. I love her!

  18. I agree with Floog, the only person that can truly say it’s good or bad is the photographer, for everybody else it’s just opinions.Nice doggy..!

  19. Love this shot, the dog still looks cute eventhough it’s out of focus. Well done, very original!

  20. ooh — the poor fuzzy thing! 😉 when seeing this i just think: thank goodness i don’t need glasses! 😉

  21. Impressionist dog. Funny 🙂

  22. Sweet angel baby:-)

  23. Looks like the dog is trying to tell you. Focus man, Focus!

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