on waking up…


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  1. exactly what the image protrays

  2. For me, this is an incredibly powerful, moving, brutal reality of life so wonderfully captured in the frame.The sadness of the man, waking to touch the person he loves, an realising the bed is cold, the space is empty, the person gone.Behind him sits her photograph as memory and testament to the life and love they shared. Did she leave? Has she passed away?This makes me think, makes me face the thoughts of mortality, loss, lonliness that often get pushed to the back of one’s mind.First class, Elaine

  3. truly humane — this photo speaks volumes of the trials and courage of the human spirit! a strong and evocative piece — bravo!!

  4. This man appears to be in deep despair. Quite a message in this photo.

  5. quelle profondeur dans le portrait

  6. Love the contrast and the hand expression, very natural when waking up.Great image SwissCharles

  7. I like you’re description, amazing capt

  8. Cool shot, very nicely captured and composed. But isn’t he sort of troubled you making these shots of him? 🙂

  9. Great stuff, harsh and basic. This style is inspiring as I’m trying to move in a similar direction.

  10. it shows -in a masterly fashion- when a certainty fails..great!

  11. The b/w processing and lighting really add to the mood here Elaine. Exceptional composition. I think FLOOG really summed it up. Very well done Elaine.

  12. Powerful image. Love the emotion you’ve captured.

  13. A fine mood of desolation is created in this image. Way to go.

  14. Whoa he looks tired. Did you get him out of bed to take a picture of him?

  15. that is a fantastic photo … outstanding … I love the mood!

  16. awesome shot, elaine! depending on the interpretation, this shot shows a lot of emotions.. your description was a bit candid so the mood was lightened a bit.. 😉 great work! 🙂

  17. le reveil semble difficile !superbe instantanné !

  18. Quelle ambiance!une grande puissance dans cette photo

  19. Powerful image. Perfect accompanying song, too. Lots of emotion in this post.

  20. Incredibly sad…

  21. MAN! That is exactly the message. Grief, sorrow…how can I possibly move on from here!

  22. Nice picture with a lot of emotions captured, seems like most of the commenter are leaning towards sadness, no doubt thanks to what you wrote below it 🙂 without your writing the picture lightens up a bit (in my mind anyway), still very nicely processed though.

  23. Very nice candid portrait Elaine! I think FLOOG made a very nice detailed description too! =)

  24. a very powerful, moving image Elaine. superb shot.

  25. very beautiful image with a lot of explanations – well done

  26. i like this very much. it’s interesting – the range of reactions. my immediate thought was “morning.”

  27. This picture shows quite well how unhappy this man should be. No words needed, it speaks for itself!

  28. I like Your “home” pictures very much… They are authentic, overcrowded the love to near you persons. Elaine, you are the champion of the mood…really.

  29. there is a raw photo-journalistic edge which works well.

  30. Very interesting shot, conveys lots of emotion 🙂

  31. Very nice candid photo Elaine! I like the sort of washed out look to this and the b&w is perfect.

  32. What a beautiful, poignant image! The title is perfect. I love this composition!

  33. what a emotional and touching capture, the man looks in so much despair ps on the flower shot I didnt do a lot really was just sitting in a vase on a dining table, with a black board behind it and lit by a standard house lamp, I was just lucky I think

  34. Very gritty and very human portrait.

  35. Lots of emotion felt here. Heart wrenching and heart breaking!

  36. Looks like He could use a cup of coffee.

  37. Oui en effet … on dirait que le réveil a l’air difficile … Au fait, je vois que tu as réussi à mettre la musique … ! Bravo!

  38. The photo, the headline, the song… a complete experience! 🙂

  39. I don’t have comment about the photo treatment, but the subject is outsanding. It’s one “never seen before” picture. Thanks.

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