The mysteries of eternity are not known either to you or to me

the enigma cannot be read either by you or by me

behind the veil a discourse goes on about me and you

when the veil disappears there remain neither you nor me

Through a veil, darkly. Translations of a poem by Omar Khayyam

this is dj’s challenge i think you can go to his page to see other participants 🙂 aslo on isao’s page

dj suggested the idea of leaving a little bio… I’m not sure what to say about myself… my mother used to tell me i was born on an airplane and had dual citizenship because of that… i don’t think that’s true, and i don’t know what other country she meant anyway. My childhood was a series of unfortunate events, and even tho i think my entire family is crazy, and i’m the only sane one, that could possibly be because I’M the craziest of all lol. my older brother said that the only time you have to worry about being insane is when you think you are sane 🙂 I got into photography as a teenager, using film of course and constantly messing up in the darkroom. My life was good as a teenager, i was a physics freak, and eventually became a computer programmer, then i worked in a sick building and got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I was out of the game before it began. But luckily I found Jesus later in life, or rather Jesus found me, and I was healed… I am happily, very happily, married, to a wonderful man named Gilles, who does all the workin’ and cookin’ and i’m just all around blessed. I have a little dog as my constant companion, I’m lucky in love whether husband or dog or God… I know alot of you may cringe at me being a Christian, but I’m a ‘live and let live’ type of person, who has no bizarre political opinions to share lol… I just happen to have met God, which is like falling off the planet and then being redeposited on your couch, totally changed, and if you met God, you would understand 🙂 you would know what all the singing is about 🙂

52 thoughts on “Self Portrait Challenge

  1. YES!!!! So this day has finally come! HURRAY!!! I think i am going to be up quite late tonight — wow!! what a great turn out! THIS shot Elaine is truly BRILLIANT!!! Deep seated, moody, haunting… TOTALLY faaabulous!!! I am so glad you came out with such a wonderful result!! Did you enjoy the process? Beautifully done, and magical work!! BRAVO, BRAVO!!! 😀

  2. …born in the air, you are you for real? That is so cool, that’s one I haven’t heard before! Lovely intruiging image of you here and great bio, I fortot to do that, but you all know what I am like LOL. Great to see you in the challenge!

  3. Hello, beautiful autoportait. And I like very much the poem. I will translate it into Spanish.I’m very pleased to meet you

  4. I’m glad you posted a bit of a bio as well Elaine. Love the self-portrait, even though you expression seems at odds with the joy in your bio! And thanks for inspiring me to join in at DJs

  5. Hey, you’re a computer programmer? I envy that. I’ve learned some turbo-c programming at the university, but at the ‘dynamic memory allocation’ part I finally gave up when several times managed to freeze the whole computer system of the university 🙂 Anyway I love this image, cool idea to put that thing (curtain?) on your head. Very mystic.

  6. A beautiful and unique self portrait wonderful lighting, and very intersting reading your bioI always say Sanity is over rated

  7. Very cool self-portrait photo. It has an old time feel to it with the veil and tones of the photo. It was great reading your bio as well!

  8. Peek a boo a see you. 🙂 I love this and don’t find it spooky at all. It is beautiful and so are you and from reading your bio I know that you have beauty not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Well done Elaine!!!

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