Old Indian: In their world, there can be no lies, no crimes.

Edddie Holt: No need for detectives.

Old Indian: In their eyes, YOU ARE THE SAVAGE.

Dewey Wilson: They kill to protect family?

Old Indian: In the end, it’s all for the HUNTING GROUND.

Dewey Wilson: They kill…

Old Indian: The sick. The abandoned. Those who will not be missed.

Dewey Wilson: More than that.

Old Indian: They kill to survive. They kill to protect.

Dewey Wilson: Family?

Old Indian: Man kills for less.

from ‘Wolfen’ 1981

16 thoughts on “Wolfen

  1. You’re on the money today, Elaine. I love wolves because of the spiritual connections with native indians, and I’m mad on werewold films like wolf, dog soldiers, the howling etc.Yep, man kills for fun, sport, and just because he can. And when the animals are extinct he says, ‘oh well, next species please!’.Great post. Have a fab weekend

  2. very nice triptych.. to me it looks like screengrabs from a movie’s dog attack scene.. lol.. but of course she wouldn’t do that.. she’s a cute cuddly ball of fur.. 🙂

  3. Nice triptych (not used this word before, so when Rian & SwissCharles did, I had to too :)) You made the dog (err wolf) look mean, in this… nice.Men are meaner though, and some have no respect for life at all… sad but true.Picture to reflect over.

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