Chalk Flower

writing in chalk,

flowers that are animals, stars that are animals,

animals that are boats, corals that are brains,

printed anxiously in the chalk,

dreaming, microscopically,

for lingering memoranda:

by Eeva-Liisa Manner

27 comments on “Chalk Flower”

  1. Feels abstract, full of intrigue and interest. Very nicely presented. The shapes and tones form patterns that have my mind wandering.

  2. I like this…love the textures and deep saturation. The brightly colored spot is out of place which really makes it great to me.

  3. Nice abstract, like the colors and the texture of it. Nice work

  4. I really like this, the framing works well, the bright colour kind of tucked away but in plain view. The pavement as a canvas has always been appealing, wonderful textures. Well done Elaine!

  5. Great details and the lighting is superb!

  6. Brings back such happy childhood memories – not just my own..but of my children’s as well. Love the framing. Really nice!

  7. very nice colors and textures great image

  8. I also love the textures in this, brings back memories of many years ago, with my girls drawing shapes on the driveway

  9. wow! the chalk drawing brought life and color to this otherwise gritty abstract.. great work! 😀

  10. Chalk graffiti, my favorite!

  11. I like the textures too and the colorful chalk against the neutral background really provides a lot of visual impact. It’s a good abstract.

  12. Wonderful abstract – nice framing, colours and textures…This painting intrigues…

  13. Beautiful. The contrast in the concept is very striking. A child’s scribble on a very grim looking floor. Great one Elaine 🙂

  14. My daughters just love chalk drawing on the road. Very nice composition and textures

  15. I really like the Gritty look to this shot. Very nice Urban feel to it!

  16. un peu de couleur dans cet aplat triste et sombre

  17. Un tableau bien sympathique.

  18. Chalk art in it’s primal form, Elaine. 🙂

  19. I like the grit and abstract nature of the image. Keep em coming

  20. Very gritty textures, cool find.

  21. nice abstract shot

  22. It is lovely. Good captured and good structures.

  23. A fantastic abstract.

  24. You know what I think? You don’t always need to explain a picture, you don’t need to try to understand it or to judge it. The point is to look at it and enjoy it.My eyes are enjoying this! 🙂

  25. Congratulation for this perfect processing.This remind so many things, far, far…Thank you Elaine :)SwissCharles

  26. As the guy on Laugh In would say Very Interesting. Far Out man!

  27. this is lovely — and as all ephemeral things, fleeting. beautifully seen!! x

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