Ghost Dog

It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream.
When you have something like a nightmare,
you will wake up and tell yourself
that it was only a dream.
It is said that the world we live in
is not a bit different from this.

Movie quote from Ghost Dog, 1999

31 comments on “Ghost Dog”

  1. beautiful, enigmatic, ghostly — STUNNING!!! is this a time-lapse of your dog under a table? holy mackerel!!! this reminds me of francis bacon! bravo elaine, bravo!!!

  2. eek.. something not be read at nighttime.. lol! i know i’m supposed to be creeped out but i just saw beverly hills chihuahua aaand you know.. ;D nice work though! 😀

  3. A ghost dog? Good captured and very graphical. Well done!

  4. Woow what is it? It’s hard to tell, which is why the mysterious part of this photo can tell how frightning it can be underneath that grain. If I look closely, it looks as if the dog is barking! WOW!

  5. That’s art, definitely art 🙂

  6. It makes me think about surrealistic essays made last century, proving that the film can see what we cannot, spirits and ghosts. Brrrr…!!! Super shot Elaine :)SwissCharles

  7. wooooo a ghost

  8. Love the processing….Very dream-like (or nightmarish??) indeed!!!

  9. Very interesting! be careful to Dan Aykroyd and the ectomobile!

  10. A haunting image of this wonderful hound.

  11. Ghostly indeed. I believe in ghosts, although I have never seen one. Your text is very though provoking. Great post!

  12. Aha, the infamous ghost dog of childhood fables back when I were a nipper!I never knew that it really existed, and here you have the recorded proof. Legend has it that the ghost dog liked to leave his scent on table or lampstand legs……Very cool, Elaine. Great fun on a very miserable and rainy afternoon here across the pond

  13. Careful, he may come and haunt you!

  14. A picture right out of a ghost/nightmare story, where you can tell there is something there, just not exactly what it is. very surreal and artsy piece, nice.

  15. I like this ghostly mood – it’s like an x-ray image

  16. The processing is superb, and your technique too. Great job. BTW, the rose petals look great 🙂

  17. I love it when that happens…so cool.

  18. this is a strange one! very enigmatic

  19. oustanding … very cool and dreamy!

  20. Dogs have too a soul, and as they have souls, they can haunt our homes as well, there is no mystery about that! Moreover you proved it 🙂

  21. Brrr… Plutôt effrayant pour un soir! Encore un cliché original et créatif. Bravo!

  22. Wow looks like a ghost! Very interesting effect!!

  23. Once again you have taken something so “everyday” and turned it into a moody and stunning composition! Well done!!

  24. Looks like youre dog was a cat in its previous life!

  25. As always kid, loving the quotations you select for your pics (the philosophy behind this one is so bleak!!) – but this is a bit of a cheeky association, no? 😛 Anyway, your pic reminds me of Viggo Mortensen’s work 🙂 he seems to be concerned not with empirical objects, or how we perceive them realistically, but with, I suppose, metaphysics. OMG, that sounds so pompous. But there are characteristics and fashions to his style of shooting that are very appealing. Ghost Dog kinda feels the same 🙂 (that’s high praise btw)

  26. such a cool ghostly looking capture, great shot and processing i like it a lot 😉

  27. Great image Elaine, love the lighting, kind of eerie and ghostly. Nice work!

  28. Your new design looks nice btw. More harmonic than your old one. Is that a dog? I could have mistaken it for a table stand 😉

  29. Not sure what I’m looking at… it is probably a dream. The amazing thing is that you were able to capture it!

  30. Where you pick-up idea? Where you found appropriate photo treatment for anything? Bravo… Nice moving favicon / gravatar…

  31. Cool shot and great movie. Really like how this turned out; great processing and contrasting tones.

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