The Face

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  1. Nice portrait, great eye contact and expression. Processing is top as always, makes it look like a old scratched photo saved from destruction. 🙂

  2. I like the grungy feel Elaine. A very sweet face and such beautiful eyes. I think there is more here though, her expression perhaps tells a different story.

  3. Beautiful blue eyes, tells an engaging story of a girl during her youth in some sort of movie scene. =D

  4. just incredible eyes — captivating, haunting! a beautiful distressed texture also — happy, morbid and enigmatic… all at the same time!! masterfully done, bravo!!

  5. Great portrait, love the blue eyes, nice processing!

  6. Cute shot, I like her gaze(for some reasons your posts won’t appear at vfxy)

  7. Beautiful, I love what you did with the eyes. They really pop out of the picture.And of course I love that TTV 😉

  8. very nice portrait and great process, beautiful blue eyes

  9. great eyes. really does have a vintage kinda look, looks like a big thumb fingerprint in the right side of the picture. Neat.

  10. A perfect treatment ! well done !

  11. A beautiful portrait with a special effect, splendid.

  12. Beautiful gaze, her eyes are fascinatingSwissCharles

  13. She looks like a china doll…such beautiful eyes. Wonderful processing.

  14. she’s got great eyes.. excellent portrait.. the gritty grungy feel makes this looks like a photo restored from an old one.. nice work.. 🙂

  15. A cute kiddy and I like your processing!

  16. Wondeful processing, china doll atmosphere. Works really well.And unlike everyone else, I didn’t mention those amazing, piercing, soul searching baby blue eyes….D’oh!

  17. Wow! Elaine, this is excellent portrait. This young girl has such beautiful, “clean eyes”, wise glance… BRAVO!

  18. What a beautiful child and a beautiful portrait. Wonderful!

  19. joli portait tout en douceur !

  20. I think she has eyes like you. They’re quite extraordinary. Love the layering.

  21. Nice job processing this one. One day I will learn how to do that. I am sure she is a lovely little girl but I have to say again from an earlier comment I made. I still say Village of the Damned 😉

  22. Stunning eyes:-)

  23. love the direct eye contract, wonderful portrait and processing

  24. Lovely picture, the eyes are gorgeous, Excellent composition Elaine.

  25. great pic! i’m just a beginner and i’m still studying the basics of photography… you’re really good!

  26. oh no, what happened? hope your night off is good — i am hitting the sack super early too! need sleep!! 🙂 x

  27. You swapped out the photo? She has eyes like you:-)

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