If Only it was Spring…

“You don’t understand I could’ve had class, I coulda been a contender, I could’ve been somebody… instead of a bum which is what I am, let’s face it…………

Marlon Brando – on the waterfront

21 comments on “If Only it was Spring…”

  1. Lovely soft picture of something fading away… really like the processing in this one… and sorry to hear about the creepy comment.

  2. And the pollens come out, no thanks i’ll be allergic hehe. But this indeed is a great shot and great use of DOF!

  3. Ohhhhh. You misunderstood me, Elaine, with my comment (now deleted!). I was saying that many of us have understood Marlon’s comment and that feeling of being “nobody.”…and then yours about taking the time off from commenting, for whatever reason! So sorry you misunderstood me. All I have is love, trust me!I am in Zurich right now at a hotel that is not sending messages from my Outbox. So sorry I couldn’t respond via e-mail. Well, I guess I could from the server!

  4. Lovely flower and very nice soft process

  5. Lovely Elaine! Raffiné, délicat, léger … cela donne envie de souffler … !!! Non, non, gardons là aussi belle ! A bientôt et bravo!

  6. Simply perfect! Lovely image…

  7. Superb spring spirit, Yes Elaine, we need it soon 🙂 I love the light hereSwissCharles

  8. Ooo! The miraculous, bright low-ball! Exquisite colours Elaine! I love it!

  9. What happened? What’s that creepiness?

  10. soft and grainy and colourful…like it!

  11. I really like the soft processing of this flower! Nice effect.

  12. Lovely soft focus, its almost glowing 🙂

  13. Always a great subject to photograph. Fantastic DOF.

  14. Oh, wow! I used to sneak around and blow these into the wind when I was little. If I ever got caught it was like the world was gonna come to and end:-) Like they weren’t gonna blow to the four winds anyway. You’ve brought back great memories with this one, Elaine.

  15. Ohh I like the green in this! Nice job processing this one.

  16. Gorgeous shot Elaine. Who would ever think a dandelion could look so beautiful.

  17. Well I’m heading out to mow the lawn for the last time in my shorts and tee-shirt and pick the last of the tomato’s from the vine. We may get our first freeze of the year this weekend. Now does that make you feel better. 🙂

  18. This dandelion shot is so poeticly shot

  19. spring? really? i’m actually looking forward to winter.. lol! nice shot btw.. 🙂

  20. just wonderful Elaine — such timeless beauty here — you have captured more than a simple moment, you have captured the subtle realities of which dreams are made — bravo!!

  21. The brilliant light that fills the ‘wishies’ works so well set against the deep, green background.

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