Premenstrual Tension


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  1. Mesmerizing image, really like the “cold” stare. I think this is one of your best pictures/portraits.Excellent processing as usual… A great title for the image as well :)like it a lot.

  2. bold and striking! i agree — this certainly one of you utter best!!! make sure THIS one goes into your first show!!! bravo darling!!! xo

  3. In the emptiness of shallow nights of restless contemplation, the bed seems so cold, just me and my thoughts.Your face is imprinted upon my mind, those green eyes which refelected my image smiling back once upon a time, now reflecting someone eles, I guess…..Elaine, one word…awesome!

  4. Oh yes, a cold stare indeed. I really love the crop of the face, as it gives such power! Bravo Elaine, very very well done!

  5. I like the weird almost menacing looks of this image. Nice red hair!

  6. Wow, so intense! Nice framing and processing.

  7. tu as su capter l’essentiel

  8. YEA! Here you go. This is outstandingly intense and personal… The mindseye.

  9. Fantastic framing and treatment ! a great auto-portrait !

  10. Wow, cool shot! Is that you?

  11. Fantastic proccesing, that eye seems to burn right through me too! Great stuff!

  12. I love this photo Elaine! I can see the intensity from the lighting applied to her face. A image that is defined by empowerment! Deeply portrayed nicely. =D

  13. wow…stunning shot. wouldn’t want to argue with someone with eyes like those though 🙂

  14. wow great compo here and what a serious expression in the eye, beautiful processing too

  15. Great treatment (i like the superposition on your face). The eye is green this time, but fascinating too (one almost see only it)Interesting auto-portraitSwissCharles

  16. WoW! Eleine, you have exquisite green eyes… Miraculous portrait under every regard. I am under the impression…really.

  17. Very intense. WOW!

  18. Hey this is awesome. I like the green in the eye – I wish I could process this way maybe you can tell me how you do that. And by the way violence is not the answer. John

  19. Too much info for me,,, those eyes!

  20. Your eyes are an incredible shade of green. They look sad in this image. I have to say this is an extraordinary self portrait.

  21. When you give someone the evil eye, you give someone the evil eye! I want to say I’m sorry and I did not even do anything wrong. 🙂 Very creative and awesome image. Bravo!

  22. Oh this is SO impressive! The use of colours and shadows is excellent.

  23. ca fait ( presque ) peur !

  24. could be the advertisement sign of a filmmaker. very impressive.

  25. very beautiful eye and framing – you must be a very beautiful woman

  26. Impressive green eye…Brrr…a serial killer look… excellent framing and post processing !Mine is here on my other blog:

  27. ack! someone i wouldn’t wanna mess with..the title says it all.. 😀 and also, an excellent self portrait if i might say so.. the greenish tint of your eyes reminds me of the hulk.. 🙂 she-hulk, perhaps? 😀 *flashing the peace sign*

  28. wow this is brilliant, such a cold stare, wonderfulyl composed and lit, brilliant

  29. Man, I almost forgot to comment on your self-portrait!! How could I not? 🙂 You know the first thing I thought of when I saw this? ‘Wolf’ with Michelle Pfeiffer. And then I read the title lol, and now I *know* the werewolf symbolism has some foundation 😛 Utterly awesome Elaine. Utterly 😉

  30. You should do more like these.Love the expression and the texture of course

  31. diabolic view.I like the minimalistic compo!

  32. :)Strong image. And beautiful eye!

  33. Too much funny title! All it’s on face expression! The texture add creepier ambiance. They will avoid talking to you before a full week…

  34. Terrific and terrifying. I like the intensity of your stare and the emphasis on your eye color.

  35. nope does not scare me, just think its bloody brilliant, best self portrait i have ever seen.

  36. outstanding these view … that’s a very strong and creativ self … brilliant !!!

  37. I discover your site via walter.. what a good frame and treatment.. every thing in your photograph are going in your green eye.. love it

  38. That is quite an intense and almost aggressive look. And I like it for its immediacy and radiance. Very honest.

    1. haha Otto, my husband always says i scare people in the grocery store, now you know why 🙂

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