When the sun

Shines through the leaves of the apple-tree,

When the sun

Makes shadows of the leaves of the apple-tree,

Then I pass

On the grass

From one leaf to another,

From one leaf to its brother,

Tip-toe, tip-toe!

Here I go!

A.A. Milne

26 comments on “Yippeeeeee!”

  1. Oh, I used to love doing that. What a memory you’ve captured for her and what a memory you’ve evoked in me. Love the motion blur of the leaves in mid air. Love the image:-)

  2. A great moment captured here, love the autumn leaves and the colours, awesome!

  3. Nice shot, really like the motion in the shot, well done !

  4. nice shot of her having fun like that.. i like the blur, it gives the shot a great sense of motion.. 🙂

  5. This is a sign of youth and the happiness and non-worries that go around it, very lively!

  6. That’s marvellous! I love it. I can see this as a huge poster on the door of a kid

  7. Love…love…love this! You’ve captured joy and youth and the beautiful colors of autumn all at once. Fantastic!!!!

  8. Elaine !!! Super shot, the full expression, saturation colours… the lack of words… He is wonderfully joyful!

  9. Superbe ce tourbillon automnal … !!! Un joli dynamisme, une jolie lumière … tu nous fait tourner la tête Elaine ! Bravoooo!

  10. such a fun capture, lovely colors and love the motion of the leaves

  11. Perfection! The joy of childhood, the exuberence of youth, the fun of dry leaves. Lovely motion and superb processing. Have a great weekend

  12. Nice throw. And a great fun pic!

  13. What a fantastic feeling of remembering ones childhood. I used to do that as a kid…perhaps we all did 🙂 You have captured the motion and colours beautifully Elaine! Bravo!

  14. An amazing capture Elaine! Amazing colors and I love how you captured the sense of motion with the leaves being thrown into the air.

  15. That looks like real fun :)The jubilant colors, the happiness… Superb image.

  16. comme une gerbe de feu !

  17. Wheeeee. what fun 🙂 You can when you’re a kid.

  18. Ahhh joy joy joy :DLove the movement.

  19. nice motion game and phantastic colours

  20. A great moment! Excellent picture.

  21. I like this one, the movement and the innocent game are so present here.SuperbeSwissCharles

  22. Richtig tolles Bild in Aktion … da kommt Herbststimmung auf!

  23. Fantastic portrait with terrific motion & color.

  24. Gorgeous display of color and motion. I have to say, this made me smile.

  25. This is great! Very lively and colorful.

  26. superb..

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