Doug McKenzie: I am your father, Luke. Give in to the dark side of the force, you knob.

Bob McKenzie: He saw Jedi 17 times, eh.

Doug McKenzie: The power of the force has stopped you, you hoser.

28 comments on “Hoser”

  1. Firstly, you aremad, which I love….The processing here is superb, releasing textures like bursting bubbles from my monitor. A simple scene made interesting, and visually pleasing.

  2. omg… that green and blue are made for each other!Love it.

  3. Miraculous colours !!! The excellent composition of invoices. Bravo!

  4. Well processed, the green and blue are great! Interesting that before the image had fully downloaded I was convinced I was looking at water, strange!

  5. Love the graphic simplicity..the color..the light. Well ween!!!

  6. A simple but interesting composition. A fine processing job.

  7. Nice blend of colors, but the texture is what makes this image stand out. Very pronounced textureโ€ฆ nice!

  8. a simple subject but your composition and processing have made it eye catching, wonderful work

  9. love your short script there. haha! great processing as usual. the blue and green looks really great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. lol.. this is the first time i’ve heard of them (bob&doug) so now i’m trolling the interwebs for “The Great White North”, it looks funny.. probably keep me entertained the whole day.. eh? lol!nice shot too, it does jive with today’s theme.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Funky shot (I had to check my dictionary for hoser)

  12. A ordinary object made more exiting with the vignette and slightly saturated colors. Nice processing again.

  13. i like the contrast of the different colors. The parallel planks are making a nice background.

  14. Again – FANTASTIC! You have made the colours pop and come to life.Also – I like the rose petals on the upper left portion of your site. I really liked the one before, but this one is so much softer.

  15. Wow for some reason the green hose really looks cool in this photo. Great job with the processing.

  16. Love the composition, the colors, the processing… Great picture!

  17. not too off of offbeat..just right composition and treatment…

  18. Simple and effective. Cool.

  19. I really like green!! Ok so I am going to have to look at your about me to find the texture thing – and maybe I can get my old ass version of Photoshop to do this – but if not I will just continue to enjoy yours. Nice look on the new look on your website.

  20. HA! You sure knew how to pick this quote for the image, Elaine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Bob McKenzie: If I didn’t have puke breath, I’d kiss you. That is terrific. The colour is wonderful.

  22. Excellent shot; great lines, textures and light.

  23. lol at you…funny words you’ve chosen to accompany this. You’ve got me tickled now.

  24. Great abstract, love the tones and textures, nice processing.

  25. Great minimalist composition here. It’s beautifulSwissCharles

  26. Great artistic shoot. The photo framing and treatment gave to the singular subject a chance to become a star!

  27. Cool processing. Makes an easy looking photo very special. Nice…

  28. Great colors and simplicity. Very creative vignette and textures.

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