Doug McKenzie: I am your father, Luke. Give in to the dark side of the force, you knob.

Bob McKenzie: He saw Jedi 17 times, eh.

Doug McKenzie: The power of the force has stopped you, you hoser.

28 thoughts on “Hoser

  1. Firstly, you aremad, which I love….The processing here is superb, releasing textures like bursting bubbles from my monitor. A simple scene made interesting, and visually pleasing.

  2. Well processed, the green and blue are great! Interesting that before the image had fully downloaded I was convinced I was looking at water, strange!

  3. lol.. this is the first time i’ve heard of them (bob&doug) so now i’m trolling the interwebs for “The Great White North”, it looks funny.. probably keep me entertained the whole day.. eh? lol!nice shot too, it does jive with today’s theme.. 🙂

  4. Again – FANTASTIC! You have made the colours pop and come to life.Also – I like the rose petals on the upper left portion of your site. I really liked the one before, but this one is so much softer.

  5. I really like green!! Ok so I am going to have to look at your about me to find the texture thing – and maybe I can get my old ass version of Photoshop to do this – but if not I will just continue to enjoy yours. Nice look on the new look on your website.

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