When dreamin’

I’m guided to another world

time and time again

at sunrise, I fight to stay asleep

coz I don’t wanna leave the comfort

of this place

coz there’s a hunger

a longing to escape

from the life i live

when I’m awake


30 comments on “Dreaming”

  1. Incredible image. The layers have made it somewhat of an abstract. I sat here trying to decide what was real and what was layered. Very nice.

  2. j’adore la technique utilisée, le cadrage, la photo, le thème… j’adore tout

  3. you are always so imaginative !

  4. Very dreamlike. Love the layer-effect and the sense of blurred memory it evokes.

  5. Looking at this image is like sitting on my couch and having a view in my old photo album. I feel familiar with it and kind of cosy.

  6. Great composition here, I love it. I like your original processing.

  7. pretty neat composition. The picture in picture gives it some kind of magic depth. What I don’t get is the pillow stripes moving into your husbands head. I suspect he wasn’t quite asleep as you made the exposure.

  8. ooh.. cool shot! those pieces and bits of memory(photos) seem to just float out of his head.. 🙂 nice one, eh! lol..

  9. Now I really like this – the tones are awesome – but I still feel there may be some husband abuse here – was he taking winter afternoon nap and you staged this photo? haha – Nice shot though abuse aside 😉

  10. clever shot…actually took me a while before i “saw” it!

  11. such an intriguing shot, so many layers and things to see, wonderful thought provoking post

  12. Husband abuse.. ha ha I like that!This is your creative, brilliant side at it’s best, Elaine. Utterly superb, clever, neat and cool

  13. A photograph of photographs. I like the idea & the layering really adds nicely.

  14. you’re in such an abstract mood todaythat’s very cool

  15. oehhh how I love these dirty grunged art pics from you 🙂

  16. Lovely concept, very raw shot. Great job 🙂

  17. Elaine! Super image, wonderful processing and… again Your husband “piece” :))Cheers!!!

  18. I like this composition – very nice work and frame

  19. very nice processing and a very interesting shot. really creative. 🙂

  20. Great work with the layers, it took me quite some time to work out what I was seeing as a good image should!

  21. Very dreamy indeed. I like how you put your imagination into this photo =D

  22. Cool shot, took me a couple of seconds to see the head, quite dreamy indeed. very nice processing.

  23. Fascinating image Elaine, lovely view of these pictures. Great creative effect, really like it.

  24. your shots always hit me as beautiful, complex and timeless memories! just faaabulous!!!

  25. This is cool Elaine…like finding an old photograph(s) neatly tucked away somewhere unexpected.

  26. Awesome processing, love those photographs too!

  27. This photo makes me think of someone who is very old looking through an old scrap book and remembering the good times they have had with family and friends.

  28. Hurry wake him up! I see Freddy Krueger’s hand coming out and fixing to rip his face!!!!

  29. Reminiscent image, really a dream, suggested by the photo album.GREAT!!!SwissCharles

  30. fabulous work … great postwork!

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