Little Red Riding Hood

I, little red riding hood, am shocked at what I find

upon entering grandmother’s house

the scent of cooked meat still lingered in the air

and what do i see before me?

lying in grandmother’s bed

the wolf and the woodsman, snoring away

my grandmother, who i can only hope is taking a shower

is no where in sight

‘grandmother!’ i called, and the snoring stopped

the wolf looked at me sheepishly,

if it’s even possible for a wolf to look sheepish

‘where’s my grandmother?’ i said to nobody in particular

the woodsman looked at me thru bleery eyes and

mumbled that the alarm hadn’t gone off yet,

and with a wave of his arm, i was dismissed

i strolled outside to look for clues,

and immediately stalked back in and screamed

‘did you chop up my grandmother and cook her up for breakfast????!!!!’

this time the woodsman woke up and said ‘wuh?’

I said ‘you unspeakable bastard, didn’t you read the book?!!!’

25 comments on “Little Red Riding Hood”

  1. Great story, and a bit of hubby and dog in bed, no doubt both sleeping unaware of you snapping away lol… great shot.

  2. hee hee — the blackmail war continues!!! 😉 just faaabulous! wonderful bits of detail — the small ‘patch’ of skin gives this shot and extraordinarily ‘warm’ feeling… very cozy indeed! bravo!!

  3. What’s going on here? LOL, interesting shot, nice details.

  4. Fun story and shot; I like the close crop and dreamy processing.

  5. Hehe, you’re funny as always

  6. lol, I agree great story and interesting shot

  7. Great story. Nice little ‘twist’ at the end..with a fun image accompanying it. Wonderful detail.

  8. WOW! Very sexy…:)))

  9. Excellent story, very close and warm, we feel the stillness, the total relax. And I imaging you shooting, trying uncredible composition when they sleep :)Nice one!SwissCharles

  10. really amusing story;-) you sure caught them !

  11. lol! adds a different twist to that story.. one that suits this scene perfectly too.. 😀 nice one! 😀

  12. When I saw your title I thought of that old song…Hey there little red ridin’ hood…Remember that? Interesting shot.

  13. so nice movie: close and tender. Like it!

  14. More blackmail!? 😉

  15. Are you already getting cabin fever, you got a long hard winter a head of you. 🙂

  16. Ha ha.. I don’t recall that line, ‘You unspeakable bastard’, in the version I last read. Neat photo, very cool processing, mad, entertaining and brilliant as ever you are. Superb

  17. excellent detail and colors – I like the story too

  18. Bonjour,Elaine’s composition..:-)..Good idea..Bravo!

  19. This was a wonderful chuckle for the end of the day. Nice photo and the story! I’m trying to imagine my grandmother in bed with a wolf though . . .

  20. Your sense of humor is unmatched! Love this one, Little Ms Ridding Hood!

  21. Very cool and original shot.

  22. Hmm… this is indeed interesting. Just keep getting them back for what they do to you Elaine! Capture the most unnoticed moments. =D

  23. love the twist at the end of the story :)very cool capture

  24. Everything you do is just magical, this just proves it. 🙂

  25. very good composition and colors

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