Not Scary

I hope that this satisfies one and all that I am not scary 🙂 much…. I tried not to process this pic at all, but couldn’t resist lightening the eyes and a texture frame… see? in the immortal words of gwen stefani ‘I’m just a girl’ 🙂 and my husband does not ‘sleep all the time’.. he works 12 hours a day and then comes home and cooks and cleans, and when he lies down i grab my camera! and i am not ‘abusing’ my husband in any way by taking pics of him when he is sleeping, he ok’s every picture that goes into this blog and i always want him to know that it’s a great thing to support me in my photography, and the last picture was NOT A CROP lol

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  1. Hey Elaine this is awesome photo of yourself. Very candid – and I know you dont abuse the husband as in abuse not there. I am glad he supports you thats the way it should be. I just had trouble resisting calling abuse because it was funny and I know if there was real abuse it would most likely show up in the images processing aside 😉 Great job with your site and your photos I am a fan 🙂

  2. A fine and sensitive self-portrait, Elaine. I like your processing.

  3. Your hubby sounds like good people to me… and he deserves his rest. Great image of you, the eyes are magic! I like your processing!! It brings a lovely feel to your self portrait! No… not scary at all!

  4. This is an honest portrait Elaine, processing and all. Kudos to you 🙂

  5. No, you’re not scary. I knew from your About page you weren’t scary:-) John is the same way as your hubby. He works long hours 7 days a week and he’s fine until he sits down, but as soon as he sits down he falls asleep. Tough world we exist in. Hang tough girl:-) Hey! When the goin’ gets tough the tough go to the beach…lol

  6. quel beau portrait!

  7. And you surprised me again…miraculous,sensitive self-portrait, Elaine. Fine processing and all.

  8. That’s a cool self portrait. With this texture added you look like seeing through and old tiny piece of window.

  9. just an amazing SP — so honest, so real!! you have given everything of yourself for this shot and it is truly worth 10 fold!!!! brilliant work here — 5 stars!! just top notch — bravo!!!

  10. Nopes this one is not scarry, but nice indeed. You’ve got some dirt on the peepers. Nice processing 🙂

  11. What a beauty!

  12. A wonderful..very creative self-portrait. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  13. your beautiful!! take what you need disregard the rest!

  14. Brave and honest to open up to the world, and what a self portrait. Neat processing as always.Yes, absolutely, kudos to you by the bucket load, power to you. Just don’t tell hubby about the G-string… OK … ha ha

  15. Takes a lot of guts to put a self-portrait out there on the internets. At least it does for me…not sure why. Maybe you’ve inspired me to cook one up next week but I can guarantee you it will be so messed up nobody could ever recognize me from it!I like yours. So many photographers shoot their own portraits with chiaroscuro lighting and just take it way too seriously. This is simply a nice, warm, intimate self portrait. And you should abuse your husband. Secretly we like it.

  16. I love the text you post today – your portait is very very good with great frame your yesterday’s image is very nice and very personal of you I think

  17. With eyes that pop like yours, you absolutely must process. Wow! Beautiful. Great self portrait!

  18. Well now I understand why you’re husband prefers to gaze into you’re eyes instead of watching TV.

  19. Great self portrait, so soft, love the textures.

  20. Finally, the face behind the camera. The soft focus is lovely 🙂

  21. That an awesome work. I just can’t take a self portrait – I’m not able to “approve” any of “my” photos… Great wore, I love it 🙂

  22. Very nice effect on this shot, it’s a super portrait.

  23. I have the same opinion than 613photo, we all like your diving into your husband sleeping :)SwissCharles

  24. Great self portrait! Great framing all-around and nice textures on the frame!

  25. You could have used any texture frame.I think the eyes makes the picture here!very nice.

  26. definitely not scary.. 🙂 anybody who’s seen your about page can attest to that.. that’s some awesome frames & borders your using.. 🙂

  27. your not scary in the least, a lovely candid self portrait, and your hubby sounds a great guy, sounds a bit like me actually except I take the photos in this house LOL

  28. Nice portrait, really like the angle you have taken this from. Nice processing too 🙂 Well done!

  29. I really like the way your eyes came out in this photo Elaine! A really great self portrait!

  30. Lovely portrait picture Elaine, like the border and the soft tones. Excellent image.

  31. See…not scary at all and I really like the focus on your eyes. Is it me or do you have a Rogue (X-Men) thing going on in this shot? Any super powers we need to know of?

  32. Beautiful eyes, if I’m allowed to say…

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