My Red Guitar

I understand you’re facing problems inside you

A certain difficulty of being that I know too

You may ask me why do I fail

Just when I’m needed

I play my red guitar

David Sylvain

31 comments on “My Red Guitar”

  1. Very cool capture and processing.

  2. j’en suis tout retournΓ© !

  3. Wonderful artwork. Cool processing, love the textures.

  4. Very cool. Would make great album art.

  5. very creative Elaine! and as always, great processing. πŸ˜€

  6. The node sheet complements the guitar excellently. Way cool!

  7. That’s an amazing piece of art, a favourite one!

  8. Outstanding, I love it. A masterpiece

  9. Excellent image!

  10. I told myself do I have already commented this image? No. In fact, I already commented this texture :)I prefer this one to the other! great jobSwissCharles

  11. Very creative! Love how you’ve overlayed the musical notes on the guitar (or – is it a banjo???). Emotional image.

  12. Very creative Elaine. πŸ™‚

  13. Very nice work ! So creative !

  14. Awesome as in awesome. Ok how did you do this? Answer immediately.

  15. Super creative – as always πŸ™‚ Nice capture and colour.

  16. what brilliant processing; i could see this on my wall!

  17. David sylvian, I’m such a fan. ‘Nostalgia’ one of my all time faves. A wordsmith, a genius.Love the image and the processing

  18. Ooh, didn’t mean the words were from ‘Nostalgia’, as they are not… ha ha It’s just that’s one of my fave tracks by him… along with ‘The ink in the well’, ‘World citizen’, ‘some kind of fool’, ‘Thalhein’, ‘Orpheous’….. ha ha

  19. Original processing. Very artful

  20. I like when you go into telescope vision – focussing down into an intense picture

  21. The layer you’ve chosen compliments the guitar very well.

  22. artfully done.. the processing on this one is topnotch.. πŸ˜€ great work! πŸ™‚

  23. Whoa! This is great. I really really really like this. A favorite for sure!

  24. very cool process, great work with the layers.

  25. Excellent processing with the layers of the notes on top of the guitar (or the other way around) here. Really nice. Nice and warm picture.

  26. This is fascinating; very clever.

  27. Ah! Now these are lyrics that touch me like no others….beautiful photo and processing to accompany. Bravo to you!

  28. awesome … very creativ … great processing !

  29. Only one word… Brilliant! :o)

  30. What a cool image, the mix of layers is just perfect on this!

  31. Very artistic and beautiful blend, Elaine. Good work and processing

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