When the Moon’s blushing beams

dance down upon your window pane

Reflecting an aura of prismed colors

around her full glowing frame…

Think of a song that stirs your soul

causing a smile to evolve across

those defined, soft lips you bestow…

May her warming presance

comfort you when your feeling blue

The smile you share will be welcomed

in return she will shine brightly, just for you..

by Moon Fairy

24 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Nice processing as always, Elaine. I’m woried about the giant lollipop that is attacking him from the right, whilst he is sleeping ha ha :-)Very nicely observed

  2. What a shot! Your brain his really hysterical!!! Great photo treatment. I recognize your photo style. I have question, totallylike is it girl or boy photoblog?

  3. Another excellent composition. Love the wording too. One of our bedrooms has two “moon” lights and I love staring at the stars and watching the moon make it’s way across the sky.

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