Long ago, Alice and the Cheshire Cat sat down for tea with the Mad Hatter and the Doormouse. It was a lovely day and the Backgammon board was out, but Alice and the Cat decided to play a game of Chess.

Time wore on and the Unbirthdays came and went. Alice and the Cat still played. Eventually they lost track of the board, but they still have their pieces and they love to bring them out at parties and move them around. It’s tradition.

29 comments on “Chessboard”

  1. Trippy processing and strong contrasts; quite an interesting mood you’ve created here.

  2. Love the ambience of the processing, and a neat perspective. You always come up with the goods, love it

  3. Interesting work here, love the processing.

  4. I like this very much, Elaine. Perfect patterns. It’s a keeper:-)

  5. Great processing and pov. And that nice little black cat… Very nice processing as usual, really like the grains. 🙂

  6. belle composition, il attend quioi le chat, son repas !

  7. wow or miau :)that’s an eye catcher … great postwork.

  8. I like very muchthe treatment in this image and the theme – great perspective

  9. Great processing! Looks like an image from the ’30-ies by the bauhaus artists.

  10. This is a very strange image when you think about it. Strange is good!

  11. Mittens and kittens – not to mention the checkered cat. Cool although a bit strange as mentioned by 613photo 😉

  12. a very cool capture and love your processing again, your shots always inspire me to get off my butt, and start learning how to drive photoshop

  13. I think this is a nice cartoonish shot. Nice chess board with the shadowy cat! Very nicely processed Elaine!

  14. What an awesome image you have created. Your photos are works of art!

  15. Hmm…totally psychedelic for sure, straight out of a surreal dream…great contrasts here 🙂

  16. nice picture

  17. Novel composition !

  18. Super processing and compo!

  19. interesting photo here.. that’s a carpet right? 😀 nice processing..

  20. Net! I’ve never seen anything like it — and I really like the processing.

  21. Exhilarating! Very creative and artistic work!Love the pattern.

  22. really cool perspective and neat processing. nice!!!! 🙂

  23. Wow, love this image Elaine, like a dream, so surreal. Great patterns, contrasts and lighting.

  24. What a weird scene and process, I like it.

  25. The pattern and texture gave a magnificent arrangement. The cat adds mystic interpretation… Bravo.

  26. An other great composition with a superb treatment.

  27. Awesome processing. Makes me want to play some chess!

  28. Awesome! This is cool Elaine. Does it take a long time to do this? Like are we talking an all-nighter?

  29. Nice image, very strange :)Excellent treatment too!SwissCharles

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