Breaking Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

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  1. I like the clarity of this and the greyscale.

  2. Great bw, nice contrast.

  3. I like the thoughtful and soft quality of this portrait of your husband. Well done, Elaine.

  4. Way cool. He looks completely different from this angle. You should experiment with a more formal portrait with him with window lighting

  5. Please accept my wishes of a happy, healthy, safety and prosperous New Year.

  6. A very delicate portrait, superbly observed, Elaine.

  7. Original pov and great b/w glowy treatment!SwissCharles

  8. Love the pensive quality of the image. Nice close-up!!!

  9. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Elaine! I wish you much happiness for 2009! I like the grain and tones in this shot.

  10. Wonderful portrait of Hubby, he looks deep in thought

  11. Meilleurs voeux Elaine ! Ne change rien … 🙂 De beaux contrastes dans ce portrait! Bravo!

  12. And what resolutions have been broken already 🙂 I didnt make any :)Nice warm mood in this, nice

  13. great portrait, i love the way you play with the light!

  14. Interesting portrait work … well done.

  15. Well you already broke the resolution of not taking anymore sleeping shots of Hubbie. Oh Well maybe in 2010.

  16. Happy New Year to you as well. Very cool portrait.

  17. A nice pensive portrait, the clarity around the eyes is perfect.

  18. Love the way you frame your portrait shots Elaine, really exceptional. Great lighting and processing. Hope your holiday season was a good one. Looking forward to seeing more of your images this year.

  19. It’s a great soft focus close-up, almost intimate in thought.

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  21. i must say, this is a pretty cool portrait.. i like the attitude.. 🙂

  22. Hope you guys are having a happy new year!

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