snow flakes

i think this is the only picture i managed to catch snow flakes in, so i’ve spent the last half hour trying to make it look good enuff to post, i don’t know if i succeeded… 

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  1. Glorious snow scene. It’s as though the trees were covered with little pearls.

  2. I like it, looks very quiet and calm, nice.

  3. It’s beautiful, Elaine. Of course that’s easy for me to say as I sit here at 10:45 PM knowing our current temperature is 64 degrees fahrenheit. However, we could easily have a tornado, so I’m not gloating. Love your capture…love the huge flakes…love the processing.

  4. Excellent shot Elaine! I love the faded colour as the snow takes over the sky. The trees seems to be reaching up to the sky to catch the snowflakes as they make their way down. Bravo!

  5. This is gorgeous. Nice winter scene, love the snow.

  6. Here’s a fave, straight away Elaine. A stunner. So picturesque and postcard perfect, dramatic, beautiful.First class

  7. Lovely light, nice composition. I like the way you have processed it 🙂

  8. Wow, Elaine! Another favorite! Love the composition, texture and the perfect processing. Simply beautiful!

  9. very quiet and calm … beautiful !here it snows for the moment also 🙂

  10. Aaah yes….so very winter. We’ve been having much of the same around here. Beautiful image!

  11. I can feel the snow over my shoulders and you made it so light it’s a (de)light !

  12. A lovely image whose gentleness is very appealing.

  13. Yes you succeeded, its a beautiful winter captureWell done

  14. I think you did, snow flakes are one of the hardest things to capture I think and you’ve done so. This is a great winter scene and the vignette really works on this.

  15. I think you succeeded… Cool shot. I like the watermark, so funny 🙂

  16. I think you did great! Its hard to capture falling snow. Very cool winter shot!

  17. Beautiful, snow scene, Elaine… Very good B & W.

  18. You have definitely succeeded, Elaine. Definitely.

  19. Falling snow and treetops, wonderful shot.

  20. Beautiful moody snowscape, the vignetting add a story…SwissCharles

  21. I think I’d like living where snow comes and stays. This is a fantastic capture.

  22. looks pretty cool from here.. 🙂 logo looks pretty cool too.. 😉

  23. What a great wintry shot. This has a timeless quality to it.

  24. Great image Elaine – wonderfully evocative of winter. The vignetting is a perfect detail.

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