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  1. He took a nap and you tattooed him:-) Seriously, it’s very artsy.

  2. My word, those ARE some pretty awesome tattoos you’ve done there, Elaine ha haCool processing again gives this a fairytale feeling, and really works. I think he should be given the camera for one week and allowed to shoot you as and when he wishes, it would be only fair you know….

  3. Heh. It looks like you suspended a projector from your ceiling. The human silver screen. He could probably stand in for lots of object that don’t move around so much! Just kidding…If you read this, Elaine’s husband, it’s all in good fun.

  4. Very cool processing, love the watch background thing, nice bw!

  5. your layering adds to the mystic of this image, like a tattoo, yet the focus is still on the man, sleeping. Very artistic.

  6. Well, when I saw your title ‘nap time’ in my feedreader I was wondering really hard what the subject of the image will be. I just couldn’t guess it. I was like: ‘nap time’ maybe someone will be sleeping in the picture, but really shoot me I have no single idea who it will be…And then I opened your page, and… and… and… what an unbelievable surprise!!!!Your husband! And guess what… he’s sleeping without the glasses on! Original!:)))2024. January. Well, we’re all excited about the opening ceremony of the famous artist Elaine Totally at MOMA, NY. The exhibition consists of the artist’s early years creations: 3568 images from the ‘Sleeping Man’ series…

  7. Great title! it matches 100% with the nice treatment, and makes it feel so ethereal just like an idea indeed!

  8. Very cool textures. Almost scarey!!!!

  9. Wonderful capture and awesome processing, hope he doesnt mind being tattooed, I know I wouldnt I have actually fallen asleep quite a few times while being tattooed

  10. A tatoo man ! Again a original shot ! Bravo !

  11. Excellent effect Elaine. Your pictures are such creative… This is exceptional…You express in him your feeling of the lapse…Bravo !!!

  12. fantastic composition – a working machine – excellent work

  13. dreaming worker or working dreamer ;)excellent work, magnificent !

  14. We all lost in space in time while sleeping :)Great work, love it 🙂

  15. Great image, so much fine detail in the layer. Makes you think how time just ticks away…….

  16. A man, whose body is almost completely covered in tattoos, is looking for the woman who drew all the intricate designs on him. Each tattoo hides a futuristic story, which you experience when you stare at it.Don’t dare stare at the illustrated man.

  17. It looks like a triple exposure, very creative 🙂

  18. Oooh playing with more textures and photoshop. Neat 🙂

  19. Great effect, really looks like he got tattoed overnight 🙂

  20. It must feel like the Twilight Zone for him…. he falls asleep and wakes up to another photo…!

  21. omg what a marvelous process, this is a masterwork

  22. i initially thought he had a new tattoo.. 🙂 good stuff, nice work.. 🙂

  23. Terrific shot and excellent processing. So many interpretations here.

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