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  1. What an odd photo! (In a good way)You’re half graphic artist and 100 percent photographer (as Yogi Berra might say).

  2. Wow…such green eyes!

  3. The green in the eyes really pop out for me, nice rendering and framing.

  4. Yeah, very green those eyes. Interesting self portrait.

  5. Nice idea, love the textures.

  6. Wow, what a cool self! Dig it!

  7. What beautiful green eyes and full red lips you have. I think this image is very appealing.

  8. very nice self-portrait, I like the frame

  9. Elaine! The excellent processing. The picture looks on old, but the woman is exquisite on him…just and these magic eyes…Very cool self-portrait!

  10. Cool self portrait!

  11. Such vivid green eyes. I like the layering here.

  12. Oh those beautiful eyes, like Emerald Lake, and those luscious lips… and now I sound like a perv!Beautifully processed and presented, Elaine

  13. Etonnant! Tu as toujours des idées étonnantes Elaine! Je suis fan! Well done you! 🙂

  14. very creative image – great treatment and colors

  15. Excellent processing with the treatment of your beautiful green eyes =D Great framing around the self-portrait too!

  16. The treatment is awesome, totally surreal. Lovely eyes…very striking 🙂

  17. That would make a great print. I love it.

  18. wow. that’s really good work! odd, but good!!

  19. Whoa I’m Hypnotized and under your power. You are so creative its amazing.

  20. What a unique self portrait, interesting processing, highlighting the green eyes

  21. Great processing as usual, the frame makes your face seem almost 3D, popping out on my screen.The last time I was looking at a face peering down at me like this was whilst being told off at school-which was actually quite often come to think of it! ;O)

  22. Frame in the frame, surrealist and dreamy!You have wonderful eyes, Elaine, but I am sure you know it :)SwissCharles

  23. Artistic and theatrical, and very appealing.

  24. Excellent photo and processing, the framing gives you a nice pop-out effect… cool work

  25. This one is so haunting — the directness of the gaze, the green-green eyes, the treatment. I really like your photos; you have such a unique way of working with them.

  26. I clicked through from your comment on Urban Nation and was greeted with this arresting image. The texture really adds interest and another layer to the underlying red lips/green eyes dynamic.

  27. Ha thats awesome and literally.

  28. framed within a frame.. i like the concept of this one.. 🙂 cool work..

  29. Once again, your eyes steal the show. Great shot.

  30. Wow !!! wonderful processing, Elaine !!! Your green eyes are lovely !

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