Snips and Snails

Snips and Snails

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  1. cute shot

  2. Hehe, it is soooo cool.But I wonder what other parts will follow…

  3. Loving this shot. Capturing small details of your pets is such fun. It takes that little piece of them out of context and gives a dog’s tail a whole life of it’s own.I bought a book of photos of a photographer’s cat like this. Whole frames of just noses, tips of tails disappearing out of the frame, noses and so on.Good stuff.

  4. Cool, kind abstract

  5. Love this! So little says so much!!!!

  6. This is so sensual and artisticI love the gentle blurr to the overall image

  7. cute shot.. 🙂

  8. Fabu. framing ! And smoothy B&W, your eye’s great ! (and its tail too ;o)

  9. Ah…nice minimal shot and softness. There is nothing like a puppy 🙂

  10. I really like this form of photography, honing in on sections of the subject matter and revealing detail in the shapes, forms and textures that we often overlook when viewing an entire frame.Very nicely processed, Elaine. Superb

  11. Adorable capture…very creative idea to capture just her tail:-)

  12. I like your minimal mood here

  13. Very nice details on the tails here. I like it a lot!

  14. What a pleasing form from something so simple as a tail :O)If yours is anything like mine you’re lucky it stops wagging long enough to capture it!

  15. Great candid!! I love the simplicity here and a nice job on the B&W to keep great tones, nice image

  16. Interesting composition, very surrealist, make me think about a mustache, LOLbeautiful!SwissCharles

  17. Ohhh… what beautiful stalk…and the composition.

  18. I can’t stop laughing, Elaine. On one hand it really is a nice work of art. On the other hand it’s still a really nice work of art, but on the absurdist side. Very good eye to catch this shot.

  19. Prefer a wagging tail but this one is nice. 🙂

  20. Cool butt shot, like the softness of it too :)Great processing and picture that looks good in B&W.

  21. Nice one! The B&W is perfect!

  22. Beautiful processing, so smooth.

  23. Ha awesome title and very nice framing. This is a fun photo!

  24. love the framing, very well done

  25. Unique shot of a dog, and so so cool, great idea and execution

  26. Nice photo. I love photos that show only parts of something or someone.

  27. How cute. This is great in B&W.

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