I’m putting up this picture first thing in the morning in order to make yesterday’s picture over with, as i’m developing a persecution complex lol

by the way, if anybody is irritated by pictures of my sleeping husband, i hereby release you from your commenting contract lol…  i shoot what enchants me and makes me happy, i never promised to be the most unique and entertaining photographer on the face of the earth, all i promised were pictures of my dog…  if i am boring you, feel free to not come look at my pictures… this relationship only works when it’s MUTUALLY beneficial… if my life is not exciting enough for you, well then you don’t have to live it 🙂  personally, i look forward to curling up on the couch with my husband and my camera, that’s the high life to me! 🙂  i know we get irritated and bored by other people’s pictures… i have yet to have a landscape picture stick in my mind, and i’m hesitant to do a photoseries as i’m sure people would have enuff of me very soon lol…  anyway, if i am not contributing anything to your photographic life, i will respectfully bow out of it… perhaps i will stop commenting on people’s blogs and wait for the ones that want to to comment on mine first, THEN i can comment back… i don’t want to make anybody feel obligated… thanks for listening, and if i’m losing friends coz i like shooting my husband, then that’s ok i guess 🙂

25 comments on “Wonder”

  1. Looks a bit dreamy there with his bright blue eyes 🙂 what is he thinking about… huh ;)Looks like hes keeping his hair as short as the beard 🙂

  2. Damn, Elaine! I didn’t read through all the comments that went up on yesterday’s photo and I’m not sure I wanna. You’re making the right decision. SHOOT WHAT YOU WANT. If you weren’t shooting what you want, your stuff would be boring because you’d be uninterested.I make fun of your sleeping husband a lot because that’s practically the only time I’ve seen his photo. To me he’s the guy who must be asleep ALL the time, which I know is not really true but it’s just funny to think about. Anyway I think those photos are some of your best.In fact you are VERY consistent when it comes to exhibiting high quality work. I know how you feel about negative criticism…there are a few photos that I thought were good but maybe overdone or something like that but they were still good photos. You have a very strong eye for art.But back to the smoking, of course it’s bad for you. We know that. But we’re free to enjoy it if we want. It comes at a big price and obviously you and I and many others are willing to pay it. I do wish they’d lower the nicotine levels so it would be easier to quit when I’m ready. I think that would be good public health policy. Other than that, it’s not anyone’s business what I do. If I’m standing on the sidewalk smoking, hold your breath when you walk by. Chances are you’re an affront to my senses, too, but you don’t hear me bitching and moaning!In fact, I have an old ashtray photo. It’s not all that good but this weekend I may post it in your honor, Elaine.

  3. This is pensive, like drifting off deep in thought about something, perhaps something sad. Probably not true but that’s the feeling it gives me.Thanks for the vote of confidence btw, I might just enter ;O)

  4. He seems startled yet thinking about something… maybe just you elaine.. hehe =D very nice candid capture!

  5. He is wondering how much better the world would be if Elaine and Terry did not smoke. 🙂 I like your photos and keep up the good work!

  6. Super portrait! Splendid processing and pose…Exquisite eyes…Until I envy You such husband – model, Elaine…:)) Has he the brother maybe – the twin…? :))))

  7. It’s an interesting portrit that could have so many meanings, or possibilities. Having said that, it a great ‘gritty’ shot with its bleached color.

  8. I love your comment. Made me smile. Like people who tell it like it is. That’s why I married the woman I’m with. She’s the same way, here I am no hidden agendas if you like me fine if not that’s ok too. Me on the other hand I’m more subtle and I worry to much about what I have to say. You are lucky you found a partner you are compatible with and so am I. Great shot of your better half, whoops maybe you are the better half, don’t want to offend anyone.

  9. Elaine, Elaine! Please! Don’t worry about our damn comments. Just keep shooting you husband! And your dog! Who cares what your friends think? We love you!Signed,The anonymous commenting community.

  10. Um, ah, oh,And you should quit smoking. It’s an evil habit.SignedThe anonymous commenting community.

  11. Here here for your words, its a free world do as you feel like doing, your not doing anything offensive so if people have issues its there problem not yours.you are documenting your life and what you finds interesting, and should never stop thatCheershave a good weekendJJ

  12. He’s got the most gorgeous turquoise-blue colored eyes. A wonderfully sweet and pensive image.

  13. pensive blue eyes…

  14. Daydreaming…..great portrait!

  15. What a gorgeous man, his eyes are stunning and I love the look you have captured, beautiful my friend!

  16. Your pictures are always so different and intriguing. If you are going to be different and intriguing then not everyone is going to like every photo.I like this one though – you wonder what he is thinking. And, as usual, the colour treatment is great. Keep them coming Elaine

  17. “What blue eyes you have”…”The better to see you with, my dear!”:)

  18. I darn near spilt my Coffee as that face beamed out from my screen! Ha haHey, Elaine, you and I have spoken on this issue before, and so you know my views on life, blogging and why it should not matter what other people think or say, so long as we enjoy what we are doing.Nuff said. Have a great weekend

  19. He’s not sleeping in this one. Can’t get over how blue his eyes are.

  20. Hi ElaineWhat I like at your pictures is your own style !!!I can only say … take and make what you want … keep up your own work!

  21. This is YOUR blog baby! Keep shooting from your heart!!!

  22. Aminus3 is a land of freedom (rare lands !) so you can post what you enjoy the most and if people want to share your country, great, if not, there are another planets, ok ? So stop persecution, sister and have great fun & pleasure & desires & everything for YOU first of all ! Nobody has to please the whole galaxy (would be such a boooooooooooore ;o)This being told : again a pic of U’r husband ?????? ;o))) That’s cool cause those pix are stuffed with your love ! Enjoy, guyzzzzzzzz ! Kiss kiss to both of you (+ the cute as a mouse dog of yours 🙂 k@rine

  23. ..well, i’m still here.. lol.. i would also attempt to take photos of my wife and post it, but she’d kill me if i do it.. lol! we all do what we enjoy best now, don’t we.. :)..this one looks pretty cool coz the blues really do pop out.. nice shot..

  24. Incredible blue in this!

  25. your husband is so lucky that you portray him so well on a ‘daily’ basis. he has become quite immortal — at least to me visually! stunning work as always darling — it is rare that we get such intimate pictures of real life, yet you provide these images on a daily basis!! keep it up darling, we are all here for a reason!! bravo!! xxx

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