we stood still

The lights went out (The last fuse blew).
The clocks all stopped (It can’t be true).
The program’s wrong (What can we do?).
The printout’s blocked (It relied on you).
The turbine cracked up.
The buildings froze up.
The system choked up.
What can we do?
Please remember to mention me,
In tapes you leave behind.

We stood still.
We all stood still.
Still stood still.
We’re standing still.

All stood still – Ultravox

17 comments on “we stood still”

  1. Mind the words, they are important… all the technology we surround us by, still the only thing matter is our loved ones… never forget that. And please keep on moving… after all we gotta stay warm somehow with the buildings froze up ;)Great image and word combination… Looks like he si about to jump up and scare you though, with that grin of his 🙂

  2. hello darling!! i have popped up from the underground tunnel i have been hiding in! 😛 happy 2009!! hope you have been well? this is a marvelously confronting pic here!! i just love the red — slightly shocking, slightly menacing! creepy, but gorgeous!! xxx

  3. What joy and happiness you have captured here! I seem to detect a hint of playfulness in the eye, and the grin could be a warning!

  4. Interesting angle, nice details. He looks like he needs a shave 🙂

  5. Interesting framing

  6. Cool the way he looks at you

  7. The color and light in this is superb!!! Wonderful composition.

  8. excellent lighting and toning here.. that’s a cool expression on him too.. 🙂

  9. I keep saying that – you open to your viewers in a way I won’t imagine possible (for me)Very touching work, I love those small wrinkles around the mans eye – It makes him look kind and a man with a good sense of humor 🙂

  10. I like the strange framing here

  11. Interesting portrait shot … he looks very cool with his blue eyes 🙂

  12. The color and light is lovely…nice job 🙂

  13. Mischievous! That’s what the smile and glint in the eye say to me on this one :O)Haven’t heard that Ultravox song in a lifetime!

  14. Super compo Elaine! What he has ogle…:)))

  15. I like the pictures Elaine–all of them–without exception. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

  16. I know that look and it is I’ve been a bad boy and need to be spanked. I hope Paul(Eyes Wide Shut) does not see this you know how He gets. 🙂

  17. Strange but beautiful image. Love the detail and the red skin tone. You can see every whisker and every pore in his nose, making it very personal.More so, it’s odd. This position he’s in — whatever it is — cannot be comfortable. Yet he doesn’t show it at all. Instead he looks amused.Another great image, Elaine.

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