my niece

I think we are all born fearless and joyful, the trick is to keep it going thru the teen years 🙂

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  1. j’aime bien ce portait d’enfance dans tous ses états et la grain prononcé est très agréable

  2. Yep, stay young and never stop playing… thats my motto… may not be as young anymore, but I keep playing and still act as a kid (at least according to my wife).Nice compilation 🙂

  3. Wonderful collection of such a sweet face.

  4. Cool processing, great shots, she’s cute.

  5. Haha, great faces, I love them all – and beautiful grainy B&W ! Nice w-e to all of you, guyz & galz (and dogzzz !)

  6. Wonderful collage. Your processing makes the images look as if they’re old newpaper cut-outs. FUN!!!!

  7. Happiness multiplied.Lovely image.

  8. Un cliché plein de vie, une compo dynamique pour cette jeune demoiselle joviale et trop mignonne ! Et puis … avec un tel cliché … elle peut être certaine que la petite souris ne va pas l’oublié 😉 A bientôt Elaine!

  9. That’s awesome :)The smile is really contagious with that missing tooth in there 🙂

  10. nice collection of happy faces :)b&w is really the correct choice for it.

  11. What a fun montage, I love the missing tooth :O) Really well put together.You’re quite right about being fearless and joyful, something I try to keep going with my two and seems to be working ;O)

  12. i think i was antisocial when i was in my teens.. haha.. ! cool series of shots, i guess she didn’t get what she wanted for christmas (two front teet).. 😀

  13. Very creative composition (puzzle 🙂 Bravo Elaine!

  14. Oh wow Elaine, she looks like such a treasure. So playful and innocent. You captured this perfectly in these shots. Truly beautiful pictures to look back on when she gets older.

  15. Wonderful collage and super processing,I think your words are true, luckily for me I think even at my age I am still a kid at heart lOL

  16. Heheh…awesome work. Love the emotion generated here. Lovely 🙂

  17. superbe montage!

  18. very nice collage..tender..

  19. So many fantastic portraits:-)

  20. Great little series – what a kid! I remember when my nieces and nephews would ham it up for the camera. Now they’ve become surely teenagers. Hopefully they’ll snap out of it before too long.

  21. Just AWESOME! I love the association.SwissCharles

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