22 thoughts on “Ophelia

  1. Great portrait and cool processing… blood red lips to die for πŸ™‚ You made me jump though, looking at the page suddenly music started… wife snoozing on the couch, me just taking a break from the gaming lol.

  2. I remember this song. I was about 13 when this was popular. Chew nicorette when you think you’re gonna lose it. When you’re gonna grab one and light it up, chew a piece of nicorette first:-)

  3. Naturally I am far too young to remember this popular beat combo, Simon and Gar….who! Ha haOh those lips! I’m going into perve mode again, but those lips are the epitome of a perfect lipstick kiss planted on a cheek, postcard etc…..What was I saying? Who cares….. nice lips

  4. Wonderful shot and processingGiving up smoking is tough, you did 4 days thats good, hopefully the path will help youmaybe I should try it next time

  5. Nice framing and the angle is great, Super use of textures again today!! I’ve given everyone a rest from them today in case you all get bored!!Thanks sooo much for the award, made me :O)

  6. Thanks for the award, ma’am.I like your shot today. You seem at peace, but in pain at the same time. If it was taken recently perhaps it’s the smoking cessation.You will do fine.

  7. Wow! I’m on the list!! Thanks so much Elaine :)I would like to thank my parents…. :DBut that is less important – The photo is the main thing. And you’ve done it again – Up close and personal. I love how what you did with the lips and bluish tint in the eyes. It’s like “painting” a stereotype but in personal and original way.

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