Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly,
Lavender’s green.
When you are King, dilly dilly,
I shall be Queen.


a little bit of summer in these cold cold days

22 comments on “Queen”

  1. Yes, I need a summer shot right now, after clearing the drive way for a foot of snow ;)Looks like she is making a bouquet, for you? Nice summery shot.

  2. An exceptional portrait of this pretty little girl. I don’t recognize her, but she sure is stylin’:-)

  3. Lovley Quenn… a great shot Elaine

  4. Beautiful portrait, lovely processing.

  5. How can I poke fun when you post a delightfully observed portrait such as this, Elaine! Ha haOne of your finest photographs if I may be so bold, awesome work

  6. Lovely capture, I love the muted colours and the selective sharpness

  7. oh she really looks like a little queen

  8. Queen is a perfect title for her.

  9. She looks lost in a little girl’s world:-)

  10. very beautiful girl, vignette and colors

  11. Masterly picture, Elaine! The splendid processing is Your company sign already…

  12. A beautiful image. The processing really has you focus on the young girl. Wonderful!

  13. Wow really nice candid photo Elaine!

  14. Bonjour,Great portrait..Wonderful processing..bravo!

  15. Right on time it’s freezing here today! I love lavender too :O) The blur and vignette are just perfect here.

  16. I find the PP of this picture quite different from the rest. Contrast, exposition and vigneting, perfect. And the girl and the environment… lovely!

  17. What a beautiful..pensive portait. Love your processing and the edge blurr.

  18. aww that’s so cute.. she looks like an angel.. very nice.. 🙂

  19. nice shot, good colors

  20. Very good portrait, I like how you’ve captured her completely in the moment. I think the processing takes this from good to excellent – it focuses attention on the little girl and also adds a sense of mystery. Additionally, the processing makes this different from a regular every day portrait and grabs the viewer’s attention.

  21. Excellent image, I like the white on her shirt, this conduct the eyes to her face. Well done!SwissCharles

  22. This is a stunning work, Elaine! And a welcome hint of the warm weather to come.

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