18 comments on “LOMO!”

  1. Looks like a mini first aid kit, havent seen this before. Cool

  2. A new toy?

  3. Cool capture. I’m continuing to watch you:-)

  4. Great colour and I love the feeling of peaking into the box to see what’s inside, I really like the compo for that! Well done lovely!

  5. Ooooo…. I wish I had one as well.. Can’t wait to see the result you’ll have with this camera 🙂

  6. New toy? Now you have fun

  7. Hey a new toy! Looking forward to seeing the images!

  8. be more creative with your new machine

  9. SWEET!@!! I am excited for you!!

  10. ohoh … wow … now I wait for still another creative pictures 😉

  11. I smell new camera, told you to treat yourself this weekend :O) Obviously you bought this just on my say so? lol!

  12. Oh man what are you getting into now! Never heard of a LOMO. I guess I will have to Goggle it.

  13. Ah the LOMO…. cool, what super pictures we will see here with it 🙂

  14. What gesture! What secret the interior of this box conceals…:) Fingers look the keeping lid beautifully…they are such gentle…

  15. Mmmm… lomographies in a photoblog…. interesting!!!But Lomo is analogic, isn’t it?

  16. ooh! a brand, spankin’ new toy to play around with! 😀 can’t wait to see the results.. 😉

  17. Nice colors on this one! What a gem you’ve got in the casket! 🙂

  18. Wow! Congrats on your new toy. I’d never heard of this one so I looked it up on the ‘net. Sounds like you’ll be having a LOT of fun. What I read says it takes razor-sharp images. So let us know how you like it.

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