15 comments on “what?”

  1. The title says it all… what, what do you want? A picture you say? Ok then, I guess… but hurry up will you, dont have all day either…Cool shot, have a great weekend.

  2. Nice title, love the grainy effect, great processing.

  3. what? another picture from me?why not I’m a very beauty model.show me the pic … wow … that’s a very cool shot:)

  4. A funny little creature! Nice image, Full of character.

  5. Our hero revealed – Full body this time :)She(?) has that “What is that strange, black device turned on me?” look.Sweet 🙂

  6. So..is the grainy effect due to the lomo? Or is it something you created? Either way – I absolutely love it!!! He’s the sweetest pup!!!

  7. Le rendu est vraiment étonnant! J’aime beaucoup ton traitement et puis tu as un top modèle talentueux 😉 Bravo!

  8. LOL the title goes well, great shotHave a great weekend 🙂

  9. lovely pup. love the grain effect, even if is just a little too much for my tastes. congrats

  10. We talk for all of our pets. Mattie, Sarah, Zoli, Abigail, and Destin. Funny how they all have the same voice, but they definitely say different things. The look around the eyes of your angel baby reminds me of Mattie every time. She’s our oldest Yorkie and believes she’s in charge and knows best. Your angel baby looks like she’s asking you why are you taking a picture again? and something else, do you still have that patch on? 🙂

  11. haha.. yep, the title says it all.. cool shot.. 🙂

  12. That’s great, the title does indeed say it all :O) I get that look but in my house it means “You’ve got the camera out, is it time for walkies”? Then he bugs me until I take him.Oh no apologies today ;O)

  13. great portrait and processing

  14. Looks to me like she wants her Dinner!! She has the cutest face!

  15. she’s going to attack!

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