road to nowhere


Were on a road to nowhere
Come on inside
Takin that ride to nowhere
Well take that ride

Im feelin okay this mornin
And you know,
Were on the road to paradise
Here we go, here we go

talking heads – road to nowhere

27 comments on “road to nowhere”

  1. Delicious photo from your car! like wires here . well done..

  2. Love the perspective, all the lines and the processing, great photo!

  3. The lines of the bridge seem to travel with the motion. Very cool.

  4. Outstanding processing. The colours and the grain are terrific.

  5. Exceptional clarity considering you’re moving. I like the layering on this.

  6. superbe perspective !

  7. Love that grain in the perspective !!

  8. Love your point-of-view and processing..and how the wires come right tout at you. Wonderful composition.

  9. Great POV and I love the processing!!

  10. Wow!! today we go outdoor!! Cool!!But, please Elaine…… clean the windscreen!! 😉

  11. Hey kid, long time no see lol yeah I’ve missed your distinctive processing, this is really cool. The chimney stacks are very Blade Runner 😉

  12. I really like this traveling photo.

  13. Ooh playing with textures again. Cool point of view – hope it was your hubby that doing the driving 😉 Is it raining or snowing?

  14. Rock’n road… the photo treatment makes successful oldie scenery, despite of a minivan in other side. Bravo.

  15. I like the mood and the pov

  16. I like the perspective, I’m a sucker for symetrical stuff, especially bridges, you can get all sorts of cool shots. I like the texture, might give that a go lol ;O)Oh and in answer to your question the other day Photomatix Pro + CS3 and some dodgy mouse work by me :O)

  17. bonjour,great shot..wonderful processing..Nice perspective..bravo!

  18. i always think of the phrase ‘steel embrace’ whenever i see bridges like theses.. 😀 excellent shot.. 🙂

  19. Hey you, great shot again, I really like how the wires are disappearing into the sky. Great perspective too, cool

  20. Brilliant tones, you really do have a way with textures…love it 🙂

  21. Great use of perspective and good depth … and of course great processing !

  22. Wow awesome shot. This bridge is very impressive! Great framing too!

  23. That’s awesome, Elaine.I love how a you managed to turn that bridge into almost … a sun. Sending those rays “upon us”Great effect, great composition. Love it!

  24. This is great…. very Elain esk… i like the way the focal point is the sun at the top and how its not over exposed with your layer effect

  25. Awesome shot, love the treatment…

  26. looks like a polaroidvery cool

  27. Cool shot…My commute will never be the same.

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