Old Man Walking

I hope I’m so agile, when i hit that age… i admire old people, don’t you?

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  1. He seems kind of lonely – the texture, processing, and closed (vacant?) store fronts reinforce that feeling. I like the little details, like how he has his socks cranked up to 11. Nice shot.

  2. Cool angle and processing.

  3. …dressed like a tourist:-) Was that ugly? Because if I would have known that was an ugly thing to say I wouldn’t have said it:-)Love your capture.

  4. I agree entirely from SD (Aspherical).Eleine, Your photo is prominent, creative, brave…

  5. The angle kind of sets you off balance..making me wonder if the old man is feeling a little imbalanced himself. Wonderful mood.

  6. he has such a shy (or sad ?) air, i like it a lot… Maybe the reason is the hospital behind… Great foreground and bent angle !

  7. The contrasts here are exceptional. Like the creative angle of this shot Elaine. His white sneakers and socks really stand out here. Interesting composition and great processing.

  8. yep, I do sure hope to be pretty active when I’m as old as him.. nice work here.. 🙂

  9. A neat shot, Elaine. Did he mind you taking this, or say anything? The last time I pointed a camera at someone, I got a mouthful of abuse and learnt some new words I’d never heard before! Ha haCreatively shot and perfectly processed, very well done

  10. it is easier walking downhill like that

  11. excellent seen and taken … these socks should be forbidden 🙂

  12. Cool candid street shot. Looks like he is having a pleasant stroll!

  13. Excellent image, the angle from you catch this shot is so special. Regards.

  14. i like the tilt, it adds more interest to the shot here!

  15. Good one – and excellent processing. Why is it old men tend to walk with their hands clasped behind them?

  16. Medical center. Everything is black, sad, dead.But that old guy, all white. Like an angel. It’s good to see some white in the dark, keep up the optimism! 🙂

  17. Ilan is right! He is so quiet healthy, I admire them too!SwissCharles

  18. Yeah this is good, I like street stuff, my fav in fact. I like the composition, the tone, the texture, darn just all of it!!He clocked you taking it though ;O) I was talking with another photographer the other day and decided it’s best to pretend they ruined your shot and look annoyed, I haven’t been challenged yet :O)

  19. Man, I second what Eyes Wide Shut said! How do you snap off such a great shot so bravely kid?! As always, love your processing 😉

  20. Wow you enlarge your comment section and made the fonts bigger for us old folks. You really do admire old people. Cool shot!

  21. (I hope I’m so agile, when i hit that age)And what age would that be Elaine ? lolSuperb shot taken at this angle and a good finish in pp.

  22. I like the angle and processing the whites really pop outof the shot very cool

  23. Cool shot, and you made it easier for him to walk too since you made him walk downhill 🙂 Nice texture and processing as usual.

  24. There is something about this photo I love. Perhaps it’s a sense of innocence in the subject that is enhanced by the angle. I love it.

  25. I can’t say much that other’s haven’t already. It’s a great shot. The location is awesome and all the empty space in the foreground is great. The tilt works well to sort of liven things up in an ironic sort of way. Very well done.

  26. love the tilt

  27. very creative

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