born to be wild

my dog, stares out into the night sky, relating to the coyote yips she hears across the stream.. she doesn’t know that if she were out there, she would get eaten by one.  i think i only like this picture because i’m stoned on pain killers.

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  1. Very good stats, Elaine:-) Your angel baby sees something. I like this new layout too.

  2. Nice capture!

  3. Nice mystery to this one. Wonder what it is that’s captured his eye??

  4. Nice capture so what is he looking at ?

  5. Your angle is low so we have a pooch eye view outside making the image compelling.

  6. What a great angle :DLike seeing National Geographic – Watching the predator 🙂

  7. nice capture, I really do wonder what she is thinking? Keep up the good work on stopping smoking too.

  8. Dude! – excellent to hear (and good luck to you), tho not quite so excellent to hear that you’re stoned lol – my god!Keep the coyotes at bay!! (where do you live? In a Terry Gilliam movie?!) 🙂

  9. Pain killers or not – peering into the night is always exciting. I can relate to why she’s attracted to the coyote. That is some of my favorite time too – staring into the night, preferably with a good fire going.

  10. cool, have you installed a camera on her back?

  11. Génial le cadrage … à la fois dynamique et intriguant ! Bien vu:-) A bientôt!

  12. A dogs perspective, superb Elaine. Love this in mono as well. Have a great weekend

  13. great … I asked me the same how Bob 😉

  14. Great shot. Don’t have to be stoned to like this at all. Really gets into the dog’s world. She hears something…something we never could.

  15. Great angle and bw tones. She wants to run with the big dogs 🙂

  16. …un superbe cadrage, j’aime beaucoup ta photo… et ton univers est fascinant…..

  17. Nice capture…a dash of mystery in it…esp with the glow in the dark room 🙂

  18. very mysterious painting… I would even say: dangerous… I like him very much!

  19. Doggie cam :O) I love it when they’re interested in something, they seem to look cuter somehow. The low angle is really a good perspective.Pain killers? Hope you’re ok?

  20. Peering into the darkness…. what does it see…..?Good layout with the thubnails.

  21. Love your candid approach to photography. I enjoy it very much. You make it look easy !

  22. Shes just planning her moves for when she gets out 🙂 Nice monotone picture. Have a great weekend

  23. very cool perspective, I agree with an earlier comment this does have a sense of mystery$64 saved already wont be too long till thats up to enough for some new glass 🙂

  24. Your text about the pain killers made me laugh out loud…great image too!

  25. funny commentary.. 🙂 it seems he’s enamored with that light thing..

  26. amazing shot, i love the composition and the mystic mood

  27. Great shot of your dog looking into the great wild outdoors. I bet she realizes how lucky she is to be living with you!

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