my dog, stares out into the night sky, relating to the coyote yips she hears across the stream.. she doesn’t know that if she were out there, she would get eaten by one.  i think i only like this picture because i’m stoned on pain killers.

27 thoughts on “born to be wild

  1. Dude! – excellent to hear (and good luck to you), tho not quite so excellent to hear that you’re stoned lol – my god!Keep the coyotes at bay!! (where do you live? In a Terry Gilliam movie?!) 🙂

  2. Pain killers or not – peering into the night is always exciting. I can relate to why she’s attracted to the coyote. That is some of my favorite time too – staring into the night, preferably with a good fire going.

  3. Doggie cam :O) I love it when they’re interested in something, they seem to look cuter somehow. The low angle is really a good perspective.Pain killers? Hope you’re ok?

  4. very cool perspective, I agree with an earlier comment this does have a sense of mystery$64 saved already wont be too long till thats up to enough for some new glass 🙂

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