my husband is upright, not sleeping, still under blankie though… hmmm, i can’t remember if i published this before… but note that my husband is still sitting without moving so that i have no blur… and THAT’S why i photograph him sleeping… can use ambient light without motion blur…

14 thoughts on “Watching TV

  1. Time for a challenge, Elaine. I throw down the gauntlet at your feet. Camera passed to Husband and at least one shot, preferably more, from his point of view, of you.You can process it entirely to your liking, but let’s see what he comes up with. That’s my saturday morning challenge to you! Ha ha (evil grin)

  2. Cool – next time you have problems making him sit still – turn up your iso, so you can increase your shutter speed. It must have been a good show, since he didn’t notice you 😉

  3. Cool shot, your husband is better than me, if my wife got into photography she would only be able to get shots of me if and when I was sleeping

  4. Great shot Elaine, he seems like a very calm and laid back person. Does he ever get annoyed at you taking his picture? He’s probably use to you by now. I sense that you two are soul mates for eternity.

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