ok, i tried to make a little extra money today, but found out i’m too young/well dressed to be taken seriously as a bag lady

30 thoughts on “brown baggin’ it

  1. I tried the same thing Elaine, and discovered that I am the perfect age and dressd poorly enough to make $5 a day on the streets ha haNeat shot. I would have been tempted to poke eyes holes in each bag and put a smiling mouth on them…ever the eternal child, me!

  2. I really love this vintage, almost polaroid, effect that you’re achieving. Your framework and perspective is intriguing, almost covert (lol) in some cases!p.s. keep up the no smoking 😉

  3. I have no idea of what a “bag lady” is… somebody who helps others carrying the supermarket bags? Oh!! here, in Spain, we are not used to this paper-bags, we still use plastic-bags… yes, yes, I know… sorry!!

  4. At least you where environmental firendly when you tested it out :)I agree with EWS, you should have poked holes and a made a smile on them :))

  5. excellent idea for a shot!i like too the way you’re working out how much money you’re saving; i’m sure that really helps focus the mind!

  6. seeing bags like these always remind me of food stuffs.. hmm.. time for my second round of breakfast then.. haha.. 😀 cool shot..

  7. Oh there bags to talk about here-that seemed a good joke before I typed it lolololI like it, the slightly larger/closer one on the right really adds something. You always produce something extraordinary from the oridinary! 🙂

  8. Maybe you should invest some money buying used clothes first! Preferably in quadruple(!) x large size. Then gradually you’ll make good profit ;)I love that quitting counter! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  9. First – congrats on the not smoking for 6 days! Well done!!Of course you cannot be a bag lady – this is obviously a family of bag people! (Great textures and lighting!)

  10. I LOVE brown bags. People don’t use them anymore and they are so cool. Maybe its a texture thing I don’t know. But what I do know is I really like this shot. . 😉

  11. I love the texture and the lighting here. Makes it look surrealIt’s simple, but on the same time… It’s not. Don’t know how to express it 🙂

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