walk in clinic


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  1. I hope you were just passing by. The blue adds a lot to this image. Sickness/blue…well, I see the connection.

  2. Is this a continuation of yesterdays post? If so, not so sure I like where it is leading. Nice blue tones in the shot though, and as always nice processing.

  3. Interesting shot, nice processing.

  4. cool shot!i wonder whether a walk in clinic is something like a drive in mcdonalds?:)

  5. Great colors and reflections.Love the cool blues and whites.

  6. I like the noise and the blue tones

  7. Interesting graphics in your picture. I never heard of walk-in clinics before.

  8. Nicely themed subject with the color…nice shot 🙂

  9. Nice “rough” processing. Love the style, snatching the image, I like it.

  10. Great processing. I really like the blue tones and reflections.

  11. Bonjour,Great original serie..Unusual compositions, exposure..Bravo!

  12. Walk in clinic – hmm. Cool shades. Are you alright?

  13. nice blue tones and i like the grainy, grittiness of this.

  14. very nice treatment and frame

  15. Very nice capture – tones, colouring, processing. Great work.

  16. Very gritty urban feel, suits the neon well.

  17. hehe.. it looks like a seedy li’l clinic.. but i guess it isn’t.. 🙂 nice work giving it that mood.. 🙂

  18. Now there’s a thing, I just waited three weeks for an appointment to see my doctor!! Very good pp, I love the blue tones and all the reflections, nice job 🙂

  19. Very cool, I like signs. Especially neon. I also dig all the reflections in this and the cold mood.

  20. Very interesting shot, creatively taken!

  21. The dark colours and reflections are great here. There is an ominous feeling, a cold mood. Nice.

  22. Hope all is well.

  23. very cool … as long as you make such pictures, you don’t need a clinic 🙂

  24. I like this a whole lot. Great work, Elaine.

  25. ooh lovely!!! love the processing (as always) but love the minimal color toning and the wonderful neon sign + reflection!! beautifully done!! in a sense i am glad you are on break as it gives me a chance to catch up on all that i missed!! 😛 kisses to you dear!! xxx

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