attack dog

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  1. Vicious little dog, lol. Nice bw!

  2. That’s so cute. She’s diciplining him. Just like Mattie…I’m tellin’ ya what, these girls are very much alike.

  3. Hihihi… What she obstinate! Excellent picture with the effect of the movement.

  4. I like this ordinary scene !

  5. hehe, what an action shotyour husband doesn’t really look scared of the attack πŸ™‚

  6. LOL your husband doesnt seemed to perturbed by the attack, cool sense of motion of the attack

  7. I think this is the first time I realized how tiny your pup is. Fun..seeing them play like that!!

  8. totally ineffective, but a bunch of them would prove very, very efficient.. hehe.. πŸ˜€ nice shot..

  9. ahhhh don’t take a picture, you must help him, he risks life

  10. bonjour,Well done instant shot..Funny.!?.Bravo!

  11. Breaking news on CNS5 news: “Man eating dog monster, we have the first exclusive shots” ha haI bet the next shot is with the doggy jaws clamped firmly around hubby’s throat, and then a hospital shot! Great stuff, Elaine, you always put a smile on my face when I visit. This is neat in mono also

  12. very funny … beware of the dog πŸ˜‰

  13. Well frankly it’s his own fault, he’s obviously stolen something very important from the poor pup! Mind you he’s not looking very afraid ;O)

  14. I was going to break into your home but after seeing this I will pick a different house without a bad ass attack dog.

  15. That’s a funny situation.I mean your husband (right?) seems so unmoved by the dogs “aggressive” behavior.Like David and Goliath battle πŸ™‚

  16. Wow! this little dog seems to be really fΒ‘erce and dangerous!! XD

  17. Ha she may be small but she thinks she is the boss! Nice shot!

  18. How funny:-) Your husband looks patient.

  19. A your husband is teasing the dog huh, great action shot.

  20. I once read that little dogs get numerous tiny blood cloth in the head, which apparently should be one of the reasons for some for some of their rage fits.I’m sure this was all in good fun.

  21. Well its good to see he finally got up! I was getting a bit worried…

  22. That’s incredibly vicious. Cujo lives!

  23. That’s one terrifying looking dog…A true ankle-biter.I love the blurry action-shot feel and the slightly surprised look on the guy’s face.

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